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Benefits of Rice Milk

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Truly a unique method of preparing milk from rice - it is is prepared by straining cooked or processed brown rice. The benefits of rice milk are many and are a preferred alternative food choice due to its low cholesterol content. Vegetarians love it and is often trusted and included in the diet chart of weight watchers or those who are looking forward to lose weight quickly. Here are some more reasons and ways by which you can benefit from consuming this milk.




Suitable for those who have lactose intolerance:


  • This milk is prepared from rice and hence free from lactose. Those who are lactose intolerant are recommended to have this.


Beneficial for heart related problems:




No additional sugar intake is necessary:


  • Unlike cow, goat or camel milk you do not have to add additional sweetness before drinking the milk. Rice milk is a natural sweetener and no sweeteners are used during its straining process. This is one of the reasons why diabetics are also recommended to have this milk.


Easy to digest:


  • Unlike camel milk which is advised to be consumed in moderation, rice milk can be easily digested. You do not have to worry for digestive disorders like constipation and reflux.


Helps in weight loss:


  • Since this milk is a natural sweetener, it is very low in calories and makes a great nutritional plan for those who desire to lose weight quickly. Those who need to lose weight quickly just need to include rice milk in their diet along with their regular exercises.


Helps in boosting immune system:


  • It is richly loaded with essential minerals that help in boosting the levels of immunity and helps the body in fighting against diseases and infections.



This milk is now available in packaged form also - you will find it easily at your local supermarket. Try out rice milk at the earliest opportunity and check out its benefits yourself.

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Benefits Of Rice Milk