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Health Benefits Of Date Wine

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Date WineThe right concoction of white grapes juice, dates, sugar, yeast and water creates downright nutritious date wine.  With uniquely intoxicating taste, date wine also brings with it a bounty of health benefits. They contain staggering amount of flavonoids, antioxidants, revitalizing sugars, dietary fiber with iron, potassium, calcium, manganese and copper in right proportions to keep you fit and healthy.  Let us get informed about the major health benefits of date wine and find more excuses to enjoy this heavenly beverage.


Major Health Benefits



  • Cholesterol Lowering Power


Date wine is affluent in dietary fibers that help to lower the LDL (Low Density Cholesterol Level) and achieve standard flow of HDL (High Density Cholesterol Level). It curbs the absorption of bad cholesterol and flushes them out of the blood stream. The dietary fiber helps in absorbing the fat deposits and prevents it from entering the blood stream. This leads to less accumulation of cholesterol and the ratio of HDL: LDL is increased. It has 7 percent of fiber content, which is again helpful in combating the obesity. Lower cholesterol tantamount to lesser chances of obesity and also cuts down the risk of other health related complications such as diabetes.


  • Wonderful Gut Tonic


Date wine helps in treating constipation and thoroughly cleanses your colon system, the result is better and more improved bowel system. Recent evidences posit that those who have date wine religiously like the people of Middle East and Mediterranean origin, harbor more of gut friendly bacteria and less of detrimental bacteria in our intestine. It consists of rich soluble fibers called beta-D-glucan, which has immense ability to hold water and help in smooth bowel movement.


  • Fights Anemia and Fatigue


Date covers the major chunk of date wine and thus it means that you have whooping amount of iron to guzzle down. People who are anemic can trust date wine for replenishing them with good dose of iron that leads to formation of blood cells. Also, due to high amount of zeaxanthin in it, you get instant energy, as date wine here acts as an excellent fatigue fighter. Zeaxanthin is a type of antioxidants that help in warding off free radicals that could accumulate in muscles and cause the release of lactic acid. Lactic acid is directly responsible for your dragging conditions.


Other Important Benefits


  • Date wine acts as an effective heart tonic, as it strengthens heart muscles and also prevents the blood clotting in arteries.
  • Date wine is well known antidote for abdominal cancer. It has been seen that dates in the date wine fight against benzopyrene – a cancer causing chemical agent.
  • It is both short term and long term energy booster.
  • Zeaxanthin in it provides special function of protecting us from age related macular degeneration, so it helps in restoring eye sight.
  • With being rich source of potassium, your blood pressure remains in control with small shots of date wine.


With so many wonderful health benefits of date wine, why not replace your soft drink bottles with some germane date wine bottles, after all it’s worth it!

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Health Benefits Of Date Wine