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Benefits of Donkey Milk

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Milk from donkey has several nutrientsAnimal milk that is considered to be closest to  mother's milk is that of a donkey. Research has proved that this is one of the few natural drinks which is very easily tolerated and loaded with a number of benefits. People allergic to cow milk or   any other form of milk can have this in abundance and enjoy its nutrients fully. Here are some facts about the milk which you will find useful.


Nutrients in donkey milk:





7.0 – 7.2

Protein g/100g

1.5 – 1.8

Fat g/100g

0.3 – 1.8

Lactose g/100g

5.8 – 7.4

Total Solids (TS) g/100 g


Casein Nitrogen (CN) g/100 g


Whey protein g/100 g


NPN g/100 g


Casein Nitrogen (CN) %


Whey protein %





How your body benefits:


Helps to revitalize the body:


  • Donkey milk is loaded with a number of vitamins. It contains 60 times more vitamins than cow milk. It is rich in B1, B2, B12, C which helps in revitalizing the body and keeps it healthy and fresh all the while. People start to feel energetic even after long strenuous exercises  after consuming a small glass of this milk.

Glass of donket milk to revitalize your body

Helps in combating skin problems:


  • Those who suffer from skin problems are advised to have donkey milk. It is known to be very effective in combating a variety of skin problems and has reconstituting and purifying effect on the skin. It is good for dry and scaly skin. Regular consumption assures a clear complexion and a glowing skin

Helps to keep the complexion glowing

Prevents bacterial ailments:


  • Donkey milk is rich in immunoglobulin which prevents bacterial ailments and other typical winter viral problems such as bronchitis and cold.


Suitable for those who suffer from allergies:


  • Those who suffer from cow milk allergy or cannot tolerate other substitute milk formulas are recommended donkey milk which is easy to digest. It is suitable for young children as well as infants who suffer from allergies to cow milk.A glass of donkey milk full of nutrients


Helps in strengthening bones:


  • The milk is rich in calcium which makes it good for new born babies as well as adults. Calcium is needed for bone health and strengthening the structure of the bones.


With so many beneficial qualities, donkey milk is certainly worth a try - if you haven't yet tried it, give it a try and you will feel the benefits yourself.


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Benefits Of Donkey Milk