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Health Benefits Of Tomato Wine

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Tomato WineTwist of tomatoes, fermented with yeast and pectin enzyme swirls into magical tomato wine. It comes with variety of health benefits ranging from improving gut health to maintaining the eyesight. It has power of vital vitamins, minerals and essential antioxidants. The lycopene content in tomato wine is known to treat inflammation and decrease cancerous cells outgrowth. So, if this sounds interesting to you, then let us get into the crux of the matter regarding healh benefits of tomato booze.




Wonderful Health Benefits



  • Weight Loss Therapy


Having tomato wine deals with obesity and thus shed weight  to greater extent. It has good amount of fiber content, which plays major role in weight loss. The Vitamin C content helps in nullifying the effects of fat forming enzymes and thus fat does not accumulate in fatty or adipose tissues. Moreover, tomato wine will stifle your unnecessary cravings and help you remain on health track. It has quercetin as fat burning compound and thus you will never put on weight by having a glass of chilled tomato wine.


  • Huge Carotenoids Resource


Tomato wine is known to house large number of carotenoids in varied proportion. The most abundant of them all are quercetin and kaempferol. These chemicals work on leptin molecule in our fat tissues and propagate burning of fat to provide energy instantly. They are also very active against inflammation and chronic allergic reactions. It has beta-carotene that converts into Vitamin A to help you restore eye sight and also prevent you from sunstroke.


  • Anti-Cancer

Tomato wine has high dose of lycopene pigment which is studied to have potential anti cancer properties. It can prevent stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, digestive tract cancer and colon cancer. Studies have also revealed that tomato wine leads to marked decrease in prostrate cancer among men. It has phytoene and phytofluene, both the variations of lycopene that acts as scavenging molecule. They actively wards off free radicals and thus act as shield to prevent cancerous outgrowth.


  • Other Important Health Benefits


With Vitamin K in it, you have lesser chances of developing blood clotting in heart vessels, thus it is also beneficial for your heart functions. Tomato wine can help counter the detrimental effects of smoking, due to coumaric and chlorogenic acids. These compounds help in eliminating nitrosamines that could potentially result in lung cancer. With being good source of fibers, tomato wine helps in keeping sound gut health, by treating constipation. It also prevents kidney and gallstones.


So, go ahead and enjoy that luscious and tangy glass of chilled tomato wine, as it has loads of health benefits to offer!


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Health Benefits Of Tomato Wine