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Herbal Remedies For Hyperactivity

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Hyperactive chldA state which is characterized by abnormal levels of activity and excitement is called hyperactivity. The use of herbs is a good alternative treatment and very safe for children who are the major group suffering from this condition. Artificial preservatives and food dyes linked to hyperactivity have been proven by many research studies. Contrary to what is popularly believed, sugar is not linked to hyperactivity and can be consumed in small quantities. A wholesome diet that  is rich in minimally processed food is important to prevent worsening of the disorder. Herbs that can be safely added to daily meals to flavor food and benefit hyperactivity are explored in the blog below.






Natural Treatment Options For Hyperactivity


  • Passionflower- This is a herb that is frequently used to treat hyperactivity. It is known to reduce anxiety levels and hysteria which are common traits seen in hyperactive individuals. It is rich in antioxidants that perform an anti inflammatory function and also contains natural sedatives that are soothing and calming.


  • Lime Blossom – The citrusy notes that the essential oil has can calm even the most hyper child. This pleasant tasting herb can be added to many dishes and desserts and is completely safe to use. The dry herb can be brewed into a tea and is ideal for daily use. 


  • Catnip- It is recommended for sleeplessness due to its relaxing and sedative properties. The fresh herb must be crushed and steeped in boiling water for 10 minutes. 1 cup of this tea is to be given to the child an hour before bedtime. It is very mild and does not cause too much drowsiness.


  • Valerin- This is another sedative that is easily available over the counter. It can be used in the dry or fresh form and is found to be very effective. It has many advantages over sleeping pills as it is not addictive and is free from harmful side effects. The dose to be followed will depend on the weight of the child and needs to be determined by a doctor.


  • Californian Poppy- Extracts from this herb can induce mild sleepiness which is a good way to control the symptoms from surfacing frequently. It also reduces levels of stress which makes the child less cranky and more peaceful, making it one of the many important supplements for hyperactivity


The use of herbs, a healthy diet and relaxation techniques are important aspects in treatment of hyperactivity. The use of drugs will depend on the severity of the condition and will be prescribed if the health care provider sees fit.


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Herbal Remedies For Hyperactivity