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Benefits Of Papaya Enzyme

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Green papayaPapain, the most important enzyme in the papaya fruit has a host of vital benefits. It is a protein molecule that is made up of 345 amino acids and is a complex compound that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is used in cooking, works as a natural remedy for various health conditions and  promote wellbeing. For this reason there are many supplements and cosmetics  that have this as a major ingredient. This enzyme is abundant in raw papaya and its levels are seen to reduce as the fruit ripens. Papain is also present in the latex of the tree. It is available in the form of tablets and capsules and can be purchased over the counter. The many benefits of papain are given in the blog below.




Papain Uses and Health Benefits.


  • Tenderizing Meat- The protein portion of the enzyme is useful in tenderizing meat that is tough and hard. This is because of its ability to break down fibers, so that the end product is more juicy and succulent. It is important commercially and is a part of ready to use meat tenderizers which are available in the powdered form. 


  • Skin Disorders – The juice of the raw fruit is applied on skin to get rid of minor cuts, rashes and insect bites. A cream is made by fermenting the pulp and this remedy has been used since ancient times. It is effective and gives good results in a short time.


  • Digestive Problems- Trouble with digestion occurs when the secretion of important enzymes is not sufficient or they are ineffective in breaking down food in the stomach. Papain performs the same function and is recommended for those individuals who suffer from poor digestion. A steamed green papaya salad is a great way to begin a meal as it provides much needed relief from flatulence and burning that is experienced. To gain papaya health benefits, one serving of the fruit a day is adviced. 


  • Burns- The papain rich pulp when used daily helps in healing of the burnt tissue and reducing the chances of bacteria infecting the wounds. This is due to the antimicrobial properties that the enzyme has.


  • Contraceptive – Raw papaya has been used as a natural contraceptive by Asian women for centuries. The scientific reason behind this is that the intake of papain can inhibit progesterone hormone from functioning normally and hence the chances of conception are lowered.


  • Anti Cancer- According to scientific data, extracts from papaya can kill cancerous cells and alter the body’s immunity in a very beneficial manner. It prevents the tumor from growing and spreading and may control cancer in its early stages.


Papaya for health is recommended as the papain enzyme plays a key role by performing many important functions. Make it a regular part of the diet by using it in the fresh or supplement form.


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Benefits Of Papaya Enzyme