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Herbal Remedies For Autism

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AutismA disorder in children that develops during the first three years of their life in which brain development as well as cognitive and communication skills are impacted is called autism. The use of herbs to supplement the diet of such children is advised as they have nerve protecting functions that can prevent the condition from getting worse. The commonly seen symptoms that help doctors identify autism is the inability to converse verbally, poor language development, social withdrawal and excessive temper tantrums. For appropriate treatment, diagnosis needs to be done in the early stages of the disorder. Herbs that are safe and can be used on a regular basis as part of an autism diet for children are described below.





Natural Treatment Options For Autism


  • Turmeric – This spice has a long history of use and there have been no reported side effects on daily consumption. Turmeric has an active ingredient called curcumin that according to studies has proven anti inflammatory properties which can protect nerve cells from damage and enables them to send signals to the brain normally. Quarter a teaspoon of the spice is recommended daily.


  • Thyme- It is rich in magnesium, an important mineral that performs the useful function of reducing levels of stress and acts as a relaxant. It is known that autistic children who are deficient in magnesium could exhibit more aggressive behavior than others. Fresh or dry thyme should be part of their meals more often.


  • Gotu Kala- It is an Ayurvedic herb and according to scriptures, has been used since ancient times to combat anxiety. It has compounds called glycosides that can reduce the concentration of a stress hormone called corticosterone. It is available in the form of tablets and capsules.


  • Brahmi- The antioxidants in this herb prevent the damage to the brain cells and strengthen the immune system in children. Brahmi is also a mild sedative and is known to improve levels of concentration. According to research, there is also some improvement in cognitive skill if this herb is used as one of the supplements for autism regularly. Use this herb only after the right dose has been determined by a doctor.


  • Passionflower- The dry herb is brewed into a tea which is a excellent remedy to calm and soothe the nerves. For best results it needs to be consumed on a daily basis. Do not boil the herb for too long as it can impart a bitter taste that is not well accepted by children. Honey or sugar can be added if one wishes.


The use of herbs is not a guaranteed cure as it lacks sufficient medical evidence. However herbs still have many benefits and they are worth a try along with other drugs, counseling and behavioral therapy. 


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Herbal Remedies For Autism