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Herbal Remedies For Angina

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Angina in a womanA feeling of discomfort in the chest that is often described as a burning, squeezing or choking sensation is known as angina. The use of herbs is often recommended in this condition which is medically known as angina pectoris. It occurs when the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle is disrupted due to a blockage in the blood vessels that supply the cardiac tissue. The symptoms of angina should not be ignored as it may suggest an impending heart problem. An electrocardiogram ( ECG or EKG)  and a treadmill test is often done to find out the extent of damage so that appropriate treatment can be initiated. In a hospital, drugs are immediately given to dilate the blood vessels which makes sufficient oxygen available to the heart. To ensure a healthy heart, the herbs that can be used as part of a well balanced diet in angina are listed below.



Natural Treatment Options For Angina



  • Cinnamon – High cholesterol levels many a times contribute to angina and the use of cinnamon is a natural way to reduce the amount of this fat in the body. Additionally, this spice is also helpful for individuals suffering from diabetes mellitus as it can prevent blood sugar spikes that may damage the arteries. Quarter to half a teaspoon of dry powdered cinnamon should be used.


  • Hawthorn – This herb can sufficiently lower blood pressure by its action on blood vessels. It increases their flexibility and removes blockages so that circulation to the heart is better and this lowers the risk of further problems. It can be taken in the form of tablets and capsules on a daily basis after consulting with a doctor.


  • Coleus- A very beneficial herb as it can dissolve clots in the arteries which are the most common causes of angina. It also improves circulation so that blood pressure levels are optimal and flow of oxygen is maximized. Coleus is available as an over the counter supplement in many pharmacies.


  • Turmeric- Inflammatory processes are the main cause for the damage and rupture of blood vessels which over a period of time can result in the formation of a clot. Turmeric is rich in antioxidants that not only help prevent this, but also inhibit further damage.


  • Lily Of The Valley- This herb has a diuretic action and removes excess water from the heart tissue which can otherwise disrupt normal function. It also regularizes heart beat and blood pressure levels making it very useful as a herbal treatment option in angina.


The above herbs should find place in a treatment plan for angina and must be used in small amounts as directed by the physician. Do not attempt to self medicate as it can prove dangerous. 


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Herbal Remedies For Angina