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Benefits of Cow Milk

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Cow milk is full of benefitsThe health benefits of cow milk are many – which explains its  immense demand and popularity all over the world and among all age groups. People have been drinking cow milk since 6000 BC (when it was consumed by the wealthiest only)  and even today when the milk is the basis of several dairy products.


It is richly loaded with a number of nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals that are very essential for our general development and well being.  Keep reading to know more about how you get to benefit everyday with just a cup of cow milk.


Nutrients in Milk:

1.00 cup (244.00 grams)


%Daily Value



vitamin D






vitamin B




vitamin B1





Know  the benefits:


Offers protection to and strengthens the bones:Benefits of cow milk


  • Cow milk is rich in calcium which is very essential for the growth and development of bones.
  • Calcium and phosphorous present in the milk work together to strengthen bones and improve their overall structure.
  • Calcium helps in protection of colon cells which are responsible for cancer.
  • This milk helps in preventing obesity in children and adults.
  • Patients suffering from arthritis also benefit from the regular consumption of the milk.


Protects against breast cancer:


  • It protects women from breast cancer. It plays an important role in bone muscle contraction, cell membrane function and blood clotting which help in preventing breast cancer.

Cow milk can prevent breast cancer

Offers cardiovascular protection:

  • Cow milk is rich in riboflavin and vitamin B 12 which helps in production of energy. These vitamins also help in cardiovascular protection.


Helps to stay trim:

  • Yes, you read it right! Regular consumption of cow milk is known to help you lose weight, especially extra fat from your waist. As per a study, published in Obesity Research, cow milk can help you to lose weight naturally if you have a balanced diet and do moderate exercises.

Cow milk will help you to stay trim

Helps in healthy thyroid functioning:

  • Milk from the cow is rich in iodine, which is much needed by the thyroid hormones  - essential for human life. The hormones function well to regulate the metabolism of the body and play a vital role in the physiological functions of the body. If there is a deficiency of iodine in your body it can have a devastating effect on your health.


To enjoy the best of  cow milk, boil it well and store it in the refrigerator which shall keep it fresh for long.


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Benefits Of Cow Milk