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Health Benefits Of Strawberry Wine

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Strawberry WineOne of the most versatile drinks, strawberry wine  has got endless uses from making unique cocktail to interesting smoothie delights. When it comes to health, strawberry wine is bursting with benefits, due to high dose of Vitamins, antioxidants and cholesterol waivering properties in it. This nectar of Gods as it is rightly said is a body of both sweet and tangy flavor. After all, nothing smells  more endearing in summer than strawberries and this is what brings universal appeal to our very favorite strawberry wine. . Let us walk through the health benefits of this great tasting wine.






Health Secrets of Strawberry Wine



  • Heart Friendly


With folate, Vitamin C and fiber, strawberry wine is extremely heart friendly. It reduces the level of C-reactive protein (protein responsible for inflammation of blood vessels in heart). Also, it aids in decreasing the cholesterol level to significant level. It helps in better coordination between sodium and potassium pump, which is vital for normal functioning of our heart. It adds more of potassium in our blood, which thereby keeps blood pressure in control, as spike in blood pressure is one of the major reasons of cardiac failure.


  • Brain Friendly


A healthy heart with sound mechanics also nurtures a healthy brain and this makes strawberry wine good for your brain too. It contains whooping nourishing nutrients that pass through cardiovascular stream and provide nourishment to brain cells. A specific pigment found in strawberries called anthocyanins, which is also present in good amount in strawberry wine, acts as a shield in oxidative damage. This pigment curtails the risk of brain cells impairment and prevents the loss of cognitive power in old age.


  • Cancer Fighting Beverage


Strawberry wine is ranked among third highest when it comes to antioxidant dose after blackberry wine. It has surplus supply of phytonutrients that prevent any cellular damage due to free radical formation. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties which makes it stand out among other fruit based alcoholic beverages.


  • Unique Chemical Power


Strawberries are uniquely bestowed with a special chemical compound called fisetin, which is not found in other fruits.  This fisetin chemical is also present in strawberry wine and the best part is that it helps in nullifying the ill effects of juvenile diabetes and also acts as protective agent for neurons in brain.  Chunk of recent studies also indicate that fisetin helps in lowering blood pressure level. It prevents Alzheimer’s disease in old age, so elderly people can enjoy strawberry wine without being leery about its ill effects.


Other Significant Benefits


  • Strawberry wine helps in fighting liver disease due to less alcoholic content and more of strawberry crux in it.
  • It has been used to lower the symptoms of gout and rheumatoid arthritis, as it reduces the joint inflammation.
  • Strawberry wine wards out fatigue and muscle pain and relieves muscle tension.
  • It is a cooling beverage which is useful in sunstroke.
  • It is a wonderful diuretic and is also good for skin elasticity.


So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and grab a huge bottle of strawberry wine not only to beat summer heat but also to add years to your lifespan!


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Health Benefits Of Strawberry Wine