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Herbal Remedies For Colon Cancer

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Herbs for cancerThe presence of cancerous growth in the large intestine or the rectum and a major cause of cancer related deaths is colon cancer. Herbs that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are good natural aids that can kill the cancer cells, prevent their spread and improve well-being and immunity status in the patients. A low fat and high fiber diet should be planned to support recovery from this illness by providing the body with much needed nutrients. The treatment that is advised in this form of cancer is surgery, medications or chemotherapy and a qualified doctor will guide you on the options that are best for the particular stage of cancer. Herbs that can be used along with modern drugs to manage colon cancer are described below.


Top 5 Foods That Fight Cancer Of The Colon


  • Turmeric- Many clinical trials have shown that the use of turmeric is effective in the treatment of colon cancer as it suppresses the growth and multiplication of the cancerous cells. The active ingredient in turmeric called curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce inflammation which is the root cause for normal cells to become cancerous.


  • Garlic- The extracts from fresh garlic cloves can help to halt the growth of the cancer cells in an effective manner. This is seen due to a naturally occurring chemical in it called allicin that has a host of medicinal properties.  Garlic should find place in every meal due to this amazing benefit.


  • Ginger- One of the best supplements for cancer is ginger because it has the ability to slow down the spread of the cancer in the colon as well as other surrounding body tissues. This was proved in a lab study and shows how ginger can be an inexpensive and effective treatment for colon cancer. Fresh and dry ginger both exhibit this benefit. 


  • Flax Seeds- These oil rich seeds are a good source of lignan and omega 3 fatty acids both of which are powerful anti cancer agents. Regular use can help reduce the growth of the tumor in the colon by killing the cancer cells. 2 teaspoons of whole flax seeds are recommended to be consumed daily.


  • Sage- The regular use of sage can reportedly help fight colon cancer by slowing the rate at which the cancer cells multiply and grow. This is due to the essential oils that this herb contains. While the herb in its natural form should ideally be consumed, tablets and capsules can also be used.


Make the best use of the above listed herbal remedies to treat colon cancer and to get relief from  the side effects of radiotherapy. A healthy diet and sufficient exercise is also important.


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Herbal Remedies For Colon Cancer