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Herbal Remedies For Lichen Planus

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EchinaceaThe term lichen planus refers to painful and inflamed lesions and ulcers that occur on the skin and in the mouth. Herbal treatments can help to relieve the symptoms and need to be started early for effective results. The cause of lichen planus can be an allergic reaction to chemicals, drugs and dyes or certain auto immune factors. The usual symptoms that are seen along with the ulcers are loss of hair, dry mouth with a metallic taste and abnormal ridges and grooves on the nails. UV therapy and antihistamine drugs are treatment options that are commonly initiated. Herbs that have natural compounds which can provide relief from an allergy and thus manage lichen planus are mentioned in the blog below.



Natural Treatment Options For Lichen Planus


  • Thyme- This herb is rich in vitamin A which is a vital nutrient to maintain the health and integrity of the skin. Generous use of fresh and dry thyme on a regular basis will provide a significant amount of this vitamin to the body. Edible thyme essential oils can also be used to flavor food.


  • Turmeric- This spice has been used since centuries in Asian countries and is a time tested remedy against inflammation and infection. It can be applied on the rash or the ulcer to hasten healing and provide immunity. Half a teaspoon of the dry powder can be added to food on a daily basis.


  • Basil- This common food ingredient has many antioxidants that can prevent the mouth ulcers from becoming cancerous in the future. For best results, a paste of the leaves must be applied directly on the gums every night. Adding fresh and dry basil to meals can also provide this benefit.


  • Ginger- This can ward off allergic reactions that cause a skin rash and inflammation. The active compound in ginger known as gingerol has natural anti histamine properties that work in a similar way to drugs and reduce signs of allergy and prevent frequent recurrences. Ginger tea is a soothing drink and can be used to treat lichen planus at least twice a day. 


  • Echinacea- This is not only anti bacterial and anti viral, it also a natural inflammation fighting agent and a good treatment option for skin conditions. It reduces infection which can otherwise increase histamine levels in the body. Herbal teas, capsules and tablets are the commonly available forms.


Lichen planus can be safely treated with the help of the above mentioned natural inflammation remedies. Herbs take time to work but their effects are long lasting and they do not have dangerous side effects. 


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Herbal Remedies For Lichen Planus