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Benefits Of Camel Milk

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561720-learn-about-the-benefits-of-camel-milk.jpgsaxeivclyt4xinsxjrafj2lhlbgved0caoq8wcusgafqjcngwt328wzrhlxphcrwqg3qxsayh3gMajority of us consume cow milk or packaged milk  and are totally unaware of the various benefits of camel milk. This milk is richly loaded with proteins that have antimicrobial as well as protective properties, that helps the body in fighting against many diseases. Here are some interesting nutritional facts and health benefits which are closely associated with camel milk.



Nutritional content




Vitamin A



Vitamin B2



Vitamin C




Vitamin E






Sugars, natural & added









Lactic acid









561721-fresh-raw-camel-milk.jpgsaxeissnyt9tantdhrqe018dibgved0caoq8wcusgafqjcnfmkzr8oyiolpf3mjdye1gqel5qpwCamel milk was first used as a medicine by the nomadic people . Camels have a very powerful immune system which makes their milk highly nutritious too. Research shows that  the milk has 10 times more of iron and 3 times more of vitamin C than that available in cow milk.

How camel milk is beneficial:


Helps in diabetes:

Camel milk is a very rich source of insulin and is treated as a potential option for diabetics. Research has revealed that if fresh raw camel milk is consumed everyday, it helps in normalizing high blood sugar levels with its insulin like protein substance that is quickly absorbed and does not coagulate.’


Benefits people with autism:

As per the 2005 edition of the "International Journal of Human Development", camel milk is highly beneficial for those who suffer from autism. It was discovered that a 4 year old autistic girl was fed camel milk for 40 days and her autism symptoms totally disappeared. 561722-camel-milk-is-recommended-for-diabetic-people.pngsaxeincvyt8cvhcyjrae9l4hobgved0caoq8wc4fgusgafqjcnf46lktpw-4fjlv5evdvi2gchwrnq


Helps in prevention of allergies:

Camel milk does not have the two allergens which are present in cow milk and are responsible for allergies. This milk has immune system components, which is highly beneficial for individuals who are allergic to milk and different food items. Immunoglobulins which are disease fighting enzymes play a very important role in reducing allergic reactions. As per a study, 8 allergic children were regularly fed camel milk are known to have fully recovered from the condition – that too without any side effects.


Improves the immune system:

A number of nutrients present in camel milk help in improving immunity level and helps the body in fighting against various diseases. The immunoglobulins or the antibodies present in camel milk easily target the penetration of foreign disease and prevent attack of many deadliest diseases.


Beneficial as a beauty product:

Camel milk is a rich source of alpha hydroxyl acids which helps to smoothen fine lines and gives a clear complexion. There are several beauty products which are made using camel milk.


More benefits:

  • It is beneficial for those who suffer from ulcers.
  • It helps in reducing the chances of coronary heart diseases.
  • It is recommended to patients suffering from gastro enteritis, tuberculosis and several kinds of  infections.


This milk has a very rich taste and should be consumed moderately so that the stomach gets enough time to digest it.


So, if you haven't yet tried out camel milk - just have it once and you will realize yourself.


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Benefits Of Camel Milk