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Herbal Remedies For Sarcoidosis

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SarcoidosisAn inflammatory condition that occurs in body tissues like the skin and organs such as the liver, lungs and eyes is called sarcoidosis. Herbal remedies are useful to reduce pain, improve appetite and general well being in individuals who suffer from this condition. Pain in the chest, difficulty in breathing and cough are commonly seen symptoms. Weight loss, fever, skin rash and disturbed vision are also seen in a majority of the cases. If left untreated, it is fatal and can lead to death. The cause has not yet been identified but genetic factors and certain infections are thought to be the reasons. Herbs that can improve immunity and support medical management in the treatment of sarcoidosis are described below.



Natural Inflammation Remedies For Sarcoidosis


  • Turmeric- It is one of the most widely studied natural inflammatory agent and makes for an inexpensive and safe treatment option. It is easily available in the dry and fresh form and can be used everyday without any fear of side effects. It also has many antioxidants that can help fight infections, resulting in better health.


  • Ginger- The use of ginger helps to relieve pain and decreases dependancy on pain killers for the same. The essential oils in ginger root called gingerol are antibacterial and anti fungal and prevent the onset of infections that can further weaken health.


  • Betel Leaf- These leaves are an excellent remedy for cough and help make breathing easier as the pungent oils in them help in clearing sinuses and improving health of the lungs. To make a broth, the leaf must be crushed and boiled in two cups of water till a dark concentrate is obtained. This can be sipped twice a day.


  • Licorice- The root of the licorice plant has properties that can help in removal of excess mucous and also reduce inflammation. Tablets, capsules and dry powdered extracts are available that enable one to gain licorice health benefits. However pregnant and lactating women should not be using this supplement as the side effects on the fetus or the infant are unknown.


  • Chamomile- It has anti inflammatory and anti pyretic properties that can bring down fever and pain and improve appetite so that weight loss is minimized. The dry flowers are steeped in boiled water and the strained liquid is used as a herbal tea.


  • Goldenseal- The use of this herb has a beneficial effect on the lymphatic system as it can reduce the infection and inflammation of the lymph nodes. The dry and fresh flowers have medicinal properties and they are also available in the form of supplements.


Herbal remedies must be part of every treatment plan for sarcoidosis. To prevent any side effects it is important to get a doctor's approval before herbs are used on a regular basis.


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Herbal Remedies For Sarcoidosis