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Herbal Remedies For Skin Tags

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Herbs for skin tagsAn acrochordon or a skin tag is a mild and harmless skin tumor that is commonly seen in areas like the armpit, groin, neck and sometimes the face. While surgical removal is commonly sought after to remove the skin tag, the use of herbs can be incorporated to reduce skin irritation and prevent the growth from increasing further. Genetic factors and hormonal imbalance seen in polycystic ovary syndrome are the most common causes for this skin condition to occur. Herbs you can use at home to remove the skin tag are listed below.








Natural Treatment Options For Skin Tags


  • Garlic- This is a very popular remedy to remove a skin tag without leaving any scar. The pulp from a fresh garlic needs to be applied twice daily and left to dry. This when done regularly will help in painless removal of the skin tag in a matter of days. Garlic extracts are also antimicrobial in nature and prevent bacterial growth on the skin.


  • Bloodroot- This is a herb that is found growing wild in parts of Northern America and Canada. A paste of the herb is to be applied on the area of the skin tag to gently help in its removal. Only small quantities should be used as it can otherwise damage healthy tissue. It should be left overnight and the treatment should be continued for a few days at a stretch.


  • Ginger- A few drops of ginger juice when applied on the skin can effectively aid in getting rid of this growth on the skin. Ginger needs to be mixed with equal quantities of olive oil before application to prevent burning and irritation. Apply at night and rinse off the next morning.


  • Tea Tree Oil- Not only are the extracts of the tea tree antiseptic in nature, they are also powerful enough to aid in the removal of the skin tag from difficult areas like the armpit. All you need to do is apply a few drops on the skin with a clean cotton ball and leave it to dry. This will also reduce skin irritation and infection. 


  • Turmeric – A paste of turmeric and honey is considered to be very useful for the removal of a skin tag in a natural manner. Honey has moisturizing and antiseptic properties that can keep skin healthy and help in faster healing. Turmeric for skin care has been used since time immemorial and is very safe. 


Get rid of skin tags safely by using the above mentioned herbs. If the recurrence rate is high, consult your doctor and get prompt treatment for the underlying cause.


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Herbal Remedies For Skin Tags