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Herbal Remedies For Gynecomastia

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Herbs for gynecomastiaThe abnormal enlargement of breasts in men, caused due to hormonal imbalance is called gynecomastia. Herbs are useful supplements in place of drug treatment and are often advocated as helpful natural remedies in this condition.The cause of gynecomastia is the high level of a sex hormone binding protein that increases the circulation of estrogen, a female hormone in the body. In certain cases, it is also seen as a side effect of drugs that are used for the treatment of heart ailments. This condition is more common in overweight men who should first try diet and exercise. If no results are seen, surgery is the next option. Herbs that are rich in antioxidants and can bring about positive changes in gynecomastia without the need for obesity diet pills are described below.



Natural Treatment Options For Gynecomastia


  • Guggul- This ancient Ayurvedic herb is recommended as it can suitably reduce the levels of estrogen and increase the production of male hormones in the body. This when used regularly can also help decrease the fat depositions on the breast tissue of men. Guggul extracts are easily available in the market.


  • Tribulus Terrestris – Also called devil's claw, the root of this plant has been used since ancient times to increase virility in men. A study showed that it can increase testosterone levels in chimpanzees by a whooping 50 %. The root is to boiled and the herbal tea consumed twice a day. More studies are needed to prove the efficiency of this herb.


  • Tea tree- The leaves are power packed with antioxidants which can help regulate the way our body deposits fats. Edible tea tree extracts when used on a daily basis may also help decrease the synthesis of fat cells in the breast area by blocking important steps in the fatty acid cycle. Tablets and capsules can be opted for as natural supplements.


  • Black Pepper- The use of this spice for the treatment of gynecomastia is recommended as it can increase metabolism rates by 8 %. This was concluded in a recent study and shows the benefits of herbal remedies for daily use. Black pepper should be used more often to season and spice up meals.


  • Turmeric- The use of turmeric for gynecomastia cure has plenty of support by naturalists who consider it a must try therapy. This is due to the antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties of curcmiun which give this spice a yellow hue. Two to three teaspoons are recommended to be used daily.


Give herbal remedies a chance for the effective management of gynecomastia. Although more research in this field is needed, herbs are safe alternatives and help support good health and well being.


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Herbal Remedies For Gynecomastia