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Super-Charged Smoothies

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Super-Charged Smoothies -- Best-selling authors Mary Corpening Barber and Sara Corpening Whiteford are back with Super-Charged Smoothies, the high-octane follow-up to Smoothies and Super Smoothies. Just as lively and colorful as their previous Smoothies titles, this latest installment stands out with all-new recipes for delicious elixirs rich with the nutrient-packed, disease-fighting, life-changing superfoods that promote energy and vitality. Learn to mix, blend, and sip your way to a healthier life with fruits, vegetables, and base ingredients (such as Greek yogurt and kombucha) containing the phytochemicals, omegas, and probiotic and antioxidant qualities that make one look and feel better every day. Super-Charged Smoothies = fast + yummy + good for you.

Having busy lifestyle and no time to prepare healthy foods or even salad? Here is a way to putting up those delicious raw foods into your belly without spending any time. The hosts in the video suggests making Super charged smoothies, its easy to make and doesn't taste like a salad in the morning. They talk about the super foods rich in anti-oxidants used in their super charged smoothie recipes.

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Super-Charged Smoothies Video