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Herbal Remedies For Skin Rash

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Tea treeThere are many reasons for an individual to develop an annoying skin rash that can at times cause swelling, chapping or painful bumps on the skin. Soothing herbal treatments are a must at times like this to treat the symptoms that are mentioned above. The fact that there can be numerous underlying causes for the skin rash to develop, requires a thorough diagnosis of each affected individual to establish the exact reason. Herbs that can reduce inflammation, itchiness and heal the skin rash are mentioned in the blog below. Scroll down to know more.



Home Remedies For Skin Rash


  • Witch Hazel- This is a well known herb for skin care. It is rich in natural astringents and anti inflammatory agents that are helpful to cure the blisters and bumps that are formed on the skin. Liquid extracts of witch hazel are easily available.


  • Rosemary -  The application of creams and lotions that contain rosemary forms a protective coating on the skin, prevents bacterial infection and reduces inflammation at the same time. The dry and fresh herb or the essential oil can be used.


  • Sage - A herbal tea that is made with sage is a good way of providing the body with essential antioxidants that protect the skin from inflammation and accelerate healing. The tea can be made by steeping the dry leaves and flowers in boiling water for ten minutes. The liquid that is obtained is rich in natural chemicals called tannins and can also be directly applied on skin.


  • Aloe Vera-The gel that the leaves contain can not only help reduce itchiness of the skin, they also serve as natural moisturizers and prevent the skin from peeling and drying.  Aloe vera treatment done daily gives the best results.


  • Tea Tree- It contains essential oils that can effectively treat skin rashes in a relatively short period of time. The oil must be diluted before use and mixed in a carrier oil obtained from olives or coconuts. Soaps, creams and ointments that contain tea tree can also be used.


Make skin rashes a thing of  past by using herbs that heal, cure and protect. Ensure that all the cosmetic products that you use are allergen free and made with natural ingredients.  


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Herbal Remedies For Skin Rash