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Herbal Remedies For Chicken Pox

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Herbs For Chicken poxThere are many herbs that can aid in the management of chicken pox which is a highly contagious viral infection. Herbs have natural antiviral agents that prevent the multiplication and growth of the varicella-zoster virus, which is the main cause of the infection. The common symptoms that are seen is fever, abdominal pain and headache followed by formation of small blisters on the body. They are filled with pus and are extremely painful. There is also a high chance of the blisters getting infected by bacteria leaving behind scars if they are scratched frequently. Medical treatment should be immediate after noticing the symptoms. Herbs that are safe on the skin and have been used traditionally for the treatment of chicken pox are described in the blog below. Read on to know more.


Natural Treatment Options For Chicken Pox


  • Neem- The bitter neem leaves contain many natural antibacterial and antiviral agents that are helpful to contain the spread of the rash. The leaves are boiled and the concentrate obtained is mixed in bath water. Soaps and creams that have neem oil are also good treatment options.


  • Garlic- It has allicin which is an active ingredient and has powerful anti viral properties. It can kill the virus and prevent it from multiplying in the body. To obtain the benefits of raw garlic, mince a clove and mix it in a small amount of olive oil. It can be applied on affected areas and left to dry.


  • Lavender- The essential oils in lavender soothe the skin and reduce itchiness and skin redness that is associated with this illness. It also helps in accelerated healing of the blisters so that they dry out fast. It is very mild and can be safely used on children. However dilute the oil in coconut or olive oil before use, as it is very concentrated. 


  • Chamomile- It helps in healing the scabs and preventing them from getting infected by bacteria. To use, make a paste of the dry powder with water and apply this pack on all areas that have the blisters. Follow this treatment everyday.


  • Cinnamon- This spice can be brewed into a herbal tea along with honey and lemon. Ground cinnamon health benefits are due to its anti bacterial and antioxidant rich essential oils. It is very helpful to increase immunity that helps to fight chicken pox infection better.


Use at least one of the above remedies to treat chicken pox so that you do not have to depend on drugs alone. Contact a doctor immediately as medicines should be given within 24 hours of noticing the symptoms for them to be effective.


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Herbal Remedies For Chicken Pox