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10 Reasons To Eat Pineapple For Breakfast

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Pineapple for breakfastAccording to an African proverb, once you eat a pineapple you will not like any other fruit. Pineapples are one of the most popularly eaten tropical fruits and work great as breakfast foods. Since, these are hard fruits, they can be eaten as is, cooked, stuffed, crushed, grilled, and just about turned into anything that you like for your morning meal. Moreover, pineapples are a great source of trace elements, vitamins, and fiber. Need more reasons to include these delectable thorny bites in your breakfast… read on…


Benefits of eating pineapples for breakfast


1.      Teeming with Vitamin C

Each serving of pineapples provides over 131% of the total daily needs of Vitamin C. Choosing a glass of pineapple juice over the more common breakfast juices like orange juice or cranberry juice, will give you much more immune boosting ascorbic acid along with the juicy zest of tropical flavors.


2.      Heals Liver

Pineapples are rife with several natural detoxifying agents like flavonoids, carotenes, and polyphenols. These compounds help remove and/or neutralize the toxins in the liver (the organ responsible for detoxification of the body). The simple sugars present in the fruit promote live health, which in turn enhances the natural toxin removal process carried out in the liver.


3.      Boosts brain activity and improves concentration

Pineapples are a rich source of natural simple sugars. These sugars provide the all too important glucose to the body and help stabilize the blood sugar levels. This helps improve brain activity, promotes better cognition, and improves concentration.


4.      Prevents unhealthy mid-morning snacking

Pineapples are rich in dietary fiber and contain the right amount of simple sugars. This bestows them with high satiety value. A serving of these wholesome fruits in the morning makes one full long enough to prevent sugar or fat cravings in the mid-morning. This in turn helps maintain weight.



5.      Improves GI health

These tropical delights are a rich source of both soluble and insoluble fibers, which help gut motility and promote the growth of probiotic bacteria in the large intestine. Moreover, they are loaded with phytonutrients and trace elements like Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Regular consumption of pineapples has shown to help improve probiotic flora, enhance gut motility, and villi cell health. What’s more, these effects are best seen when the fruit is consumed between 4.00am to 10.00am.


6.      Boosts immunity

Apart from Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and selenium, pineapples contain generous amounts of Vitamin B6, thiamin, copper, manganese, and traces of over 15 antioxidant compounds that keep your immune system healthy and help protect against pathogens, while reducing flawed immune actions in allergy conditions.


7.      Contains Bromelain

Pineapples are one of the only sources of the enzyme mixture known as bromelain. This enzyme is popularly used in cooking as a meat tenderizer. However, it has a much more important function to play within the body. These compounds have shown strong anti-inflammatory actions and appear to reduce certain degree of swelling in conditions like sinusitis, sore throat and arthritic flare-ups. 


Pineapple Pancake8.      Low sodium content

With most foods entering our system containing alarming doses of sodium, fruit are the last thing you would want to be adding sodium to our diet. Thankfully, pineapples are one of the lowest sources of this tainted electrolyte, making it a favored fruit for people having to follow a low sodium diet plan.


9.      Boosts tissue repair and post surgical recovery

Along with bromelain, pineapple contains a group of sulfur compounds and anti-oxidants that have shown to hasten tissue repair. It also speeds up general recovery post surgery, allows faster healing of diabetic ulcers, wounds, and injuries.


10. Protects from CVDs

These fruits are a trove of several nutrients including zinc, sulfur compounds, selenium, Vitamin B series, Vitamin A and C, phosphorus, iron, and more. All these nutrients help prevent plaque formation in the blood vessels, improve cardiac function, and allow free blood circulation. These actions together help protect the body from CVDs.  



Tips to include pineapples in breakfast


Pineapples are hardy fruits and by several counts quite difficult to handle by an amateur. If cutting through the thorny exteriors of this fruit is giving you nightmares and stopping you from thinking of ways to deal with it, then here are a few breakfast pineapple options to help you with…


·         Fresh Pineapple juice or sorbet: Juice is the perfect breakfast drink. For this either you can use canned pineapple or clean the flesh beforehand. In the, morning all you need to do is blend the flesh with some water or crushed ice and you are ready. add some coconut milk for some authentic tropical twist.


·         Pineapple crepes: Fill your traditional crepes with some exotic yet healthy pineapple sauce. You can prepare this by cooking pineapple puree with sugar, butter, and spices, or use readymade sauce.


·         Pineapple yogurt:  Probably not as popular as other fruity yogurt flavors, pineapple yogurt is, nevertheless, quite a treat to have. The pineapples will add enough sweetness and extra sugar is usually not needed.


·         Pineapple sandwich: Add a new twist to your regular sandwich, add a few chuncks of this thorny fruit and you will be surprised to see the effect.  


·         Pineapple and oatmeal porridge: Bored of the same old oatmeal preparations, add a new zing to the dish with some flavorful pineapple. You can add slices of the fruit at the end of the preparation, or mix in some pineapple puree for delightful splash of aroma in your morning meal.


·         Pineapple pancakes: Pancakes need not be the same old eggs, flour, and seasoning combo. Add pineapple shreds to the batter for some nice zing, top the pancakes with pineapple chunks, or best subtitute the maple syrup or honey with pineapple juice. 



Thus, pineapples may not have either the pine or the apple, but one thing that this tropical delight surely has is the immense health benefits that every person can count upon. Have a serving of pineapple for breakfast to get the most out of this fruit… you will very soon experience the difference in your daily vigor and enjoy the fresh start to your day.


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10 Reasons To Eat Pineapple For Breakfast