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Reasons To Eat Mango For Breakfast

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Mango for breakfast

Mango – the divinely succulent and juicy “king of Fruits” are so sinfully delicious and elusive that people tend to ignore the potential health benefits of including them in breakfast. Back in India, however, mango season (which lasts for hardly 1 and half months) literally means eating mango for all meals of the day. In case, you are a purist and like to stick to traditional breakfast fruits like apples and bananas to start your day, then here is a reality check to compel you to give these saffron delights a morning treatment…


Benefits of eating mangos for breakfast


1.      Promotes vision and eye health

Apart from being a good source of beta carotene (the precursor of Vitamin A and the pigment that gives the yellow/saffron color to the mango flesh), mangos contain several trace metals that help improve vision. Moreover, the phyto-nutrients present in the fruits prevent free-radical related aging of the retina and prevent age related macular disease and cataract risk.


2.      A potent detoxifying agent

Mangoes are rife with several natural detoxifying agents like flavonoids, carotenes, and polyphenols. These compounds help remove and/or neutralize the toxins in the liver (the organ responsible for detoxification of the body). The simple sugars present in the fruit promote live health, which in turn enhances the natural toxin removal process carried out in the liver.


3.      Protects brain and nervous system from degenerative diseases

Degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are purported to be prevented and in certain rare cases reversed by regular morning consumption of mangos. The antioxidant agents and certain unidentified compounds in mangos have shown promising effects in reversing these morbid brain conditions in animal studies.


4.      Improves GI health

Mangos are rich in dietary fiber and contain the right amount of simple sugars. Moreover, they are loaded with phytonutrients and trace elements like Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Regular consumption of mangos has shown to help improve probiotic quality in the large gut, enhance gut motility, and villi cell health. What’s more, these effects are best seen when the fuit is consumed between 4.00am to 10.00am.


5.      Boost immunity

Each cup of mango provides over 20% of the daily needs for Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and selenium. Apart from these nutrients, mangos contain 25 different kinds of carotenoids keep your immune system healthy and help protect against pathogens, while reducing flawed immune actions in allergy conditions.


Mango tacosTips to include mangos in breakfast


Eating mangos as is might be the best and easiest way to consume mangos during breakfast. However, many find eating mangoes as is messy (that is those who are not bewildered about how to go about separating the flesh from the center pith). To help you with this task here are some scrumptious ways to include them in your 1st meal of the day


·         Fresh Mango juice or sorbet: Juice is the perfect breakfast drink. For this either you can use canned mango or extract the flesh beforehand. In the ,morning all you need to do is blend the flesh with some water or crushed ice and you are ready.


·         Mango crepes: Fill your traditional crepes with some exotic yet healthy mango sauce. You can prepare this by cooking mango puree with sugar, butter, and spices, or use readymade sauce.


·         Quick crispy mangos:  A modified version of fruit crumble, all you need to do is mix whole-wheat flour with butter and molasses. Next cover a layer of mangos with this mixture and bake for 10 mins, your crispy and delectable breakfast will be ready.



·         Mango yogurt or lassi:  This is probably the simplest recipe to prepare, just blend plain yogurt with mashed mangos and you are ready to dig in. The mangos will add enough sweetness and extra sugar is usually not needed.


·         Mango sandwich: A perfect delight for those who prefer a twist in their food. You can use both the raw green mangoes and the ripe yellow ones. Just add slices of mangoes between 2 buttered breads along with some peanut or almond butter and jam. You and the kids your house will surely love this treat.


·         Mango and oatmeal porridge: Bored of the same old oatmeal preparations, add a new zing to the dish with some colorful mango. You can add slices of the fruit at the end of the preparation, or mix in some mango puree for delightful splash of color in your morning meal.


With so many benefits and even more ways to enjoy this fruit in the morning, mangoes truly are the best seasonal tropical fruits to be had for your breakfast. These fruits, with a mildly sweet tasteand a tinge of tartness are not only delicious but healthy too. If for nothing else, have a slice of these tropical delights for a prefect start to your day.


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Reasons To Eat Mango For Breakfast