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Herbal Remedies For Memory Loss

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RosemaryAmnesia or memory loss refers to forgetfulness which makes it difficult to perform everyday tasks as the ability to remember and recall are effected. Herbs are known for their role in protecting nerves and can help to delay or prevent the loss of memory. Illness, brain injury, vitamin imbalances or the use of certain drugs can cause sudden memory loss. If caused by reversible conditions, memory loss can be completely treated. In severe cases only the symptoms can be managed. The herbs that can increase alertness and confusion and improve quality of life in sufferers of memory loss are described below.



Natural Treatment Options For Memory Loss


  • Green Tea- Regular drinkers of green tea can benefit greatly as the antioxidant that this tea contains plays an important role in protecting the nerves in the brain from damage caused by drugs and toxins. 3 to 4 cups of green tea can be consumed all through the day.


  • Turmeric – A lab study determined how the curcumin content of this yellow spice helps prevent the harm that can occur due to inflammation of the nerve cells. This spice is used everyday in many Asian countries without any reported side effects. Regular use is encouraged.


  • Ginkgo Biloba- It improves blood circulation to the brain and the antioxidants that it contains can reduce the free radical damage of nerves that are important for good memory. This herb can also improve mental function, making it one of the best supplements for memory loss.


  • Rosemary- A study suggested that the use of rosemary can help decrease anxiety in individuals who are suffering from memory loss. The herb can be added to food or the liquid oil can be sprayed to spread a pleasant smell which helps improve mood. 


  • GinsengWhat are the natural remedies for memory loss? Research shows that taking tablets or capsules that contain ginseng can help to improve memory and increase alertness. It however interacts with many prescription drugs and should be used with care.


Improve mental health and sharpen memory by incorporating these herbs everyday. Talk to your doctor before you begin any herbal treatment.  


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Herbal Remedies For Memory Loss