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Herbal Remedies For Bone Spurs

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Tulsi teaOsteophytes or bone spurs refer to the bony outgrowths that are formed along joints of the feet, heel, spine and hands. Herbal remedies can help to decrease the pain which is an outcome of such osteophytes. A spur is more common in sufferers of arthritis and overweight people where it is formed due to the body's effort to distribute weigh more evenly. Aging and bone deformities also increase the risk of developing this condition. It can restrict movement and cause a lot of discomfort. Surgery to remove the spur or the use of drugs are the only helpful treatments. Herbs that can reduce inflammation and make movement easier are explored below.


Natural Treatment Options For Bone Spurs


  • Ginger - Eversince man knew the use of medicinal herbs, ginger for inflammation treatment has been used. It has a pungent compound called gingerol that can reduce pain in a safe and gentle manner. A refreshing and spicy ginger tea is recommended daily.


  • Turmeric – Its anti inflammatory properties have been recognized in many scientific studies.The good thing is that this spice is suitable for use both internally and externally. Use it to flavor food or make a paste to apply topically.


  • Flax Seed- This is a helpful treatment for bone spurs due to the inflammation fighting omega 3 fats that is contains. It is available in the market as whole seeds, powdered herb as well as an edible oil. Use 2 teaspoons of any of the above forms everyday.


  • Tulsi – The regular use of tulsi or holy basil can reduce the sensation of pain which is felt due to nerve irritation caused by the bone spur. Make a broth with the crushed leaves and drink to obtain benefits.


  • Rosemary- It has many pain relieving compounds and anti inflammatory properties making it an ideal choice for a herbal remedy. Use the dry or fresh herb to impart a special flavor to daily food. Be cautious with the quantities used as it has a very strong flavor.


Consider using 2 or more herbs on a daily basis to get relief from the pain due to bone spurs. Talk to your doctor about other treatment options that are available. 


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Herbal Remedies For Bone Spurs