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Herbal Remedies For Gastroparesis

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Ginger for gastroparesisDelayed movement of the contents in the stomach and slow digestion result in a condition called gastroparesis. Herbs can be used to alleviate the symptoms like nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and bloating that is seen in gastroparesis. Women who naturally have slower gastric emptying rates are known to suffer from this disease more frequently. The main cause that has been identified is the damage of the nerve that is responsible for chemical signals to the stomach. This occurs due to uncontrolled blood sugars or surgery of the abdomen. In certain cases excessive smoking is also known to trigger this condition. Herbs that can help to manage the symptoms effectively in gastroparesis are described below.



Natural Treatment Options For Gastroparesis


  • Mint- The cooling menthol essential oils in this herb can reduce abdominal pain and fight the bacterial infection that is common due to leftover food in the stomach. 5-6 leaves can be chewed everyday to gain the health benefits of mint. If your doctor suggests, supplements containing menthol this extract can also be taken.


  • Lavender- This herb has been used traditionally to improve digestion and reduce the nerve irritation that causes this condition to manifest. The dry flowers are normally made into a herbal tea or the pure essential oils are ingested.


  • Turmeric- It is an excellent anti bacterial agent that can reduce the buildup of pathogenic microbes in the stomach to prevent a severe infection. Use a pinch of this spice two- three times a day. It also protects the nerves in the stomach from inflammation.


  • Ginger- This is the best remedy to reduce nausea that can cause a lot of discomfort in gastroparesis. Fresh or dry ginger for health can be used to spice up meals or make a hot soothing tea. The essential oils called gingerol are responsible for this effect.


  • Cinnamon- The regular use of this spice can help stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent further nerve damage. It also stimulates the process of digestion which accelerates movement of food in the stomach. Use half a teaspoon of the powdered spice everyday.


Support better and healthy digestion with the help of these healing herbs. It is also essential to talk to your doctor about herb and drug interaction before treatment is initiated.


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Herbal Remedies For Gastroparesis