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Herbal Remedies For Emphysema

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CardamomA type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema leads to complete loss of lung function and cripples it over time. The use of antioxidant and nutrient rich herbs can provide certain amount of relief when they are used in the initial stages of the disease. This is essential to reduce bouts of cough, mucus accumulation, tiredness and lung infection which are common symptoms. Although cigarette smoking is the main cause to develop this condition, pollution and breathing in harmful gases and fumes at work are other reasons. There is no cure for COPD and herbal remedies can only provide relief from symptoms. Such medicinal herbs are listed below.


Natural Remedies For Emphysema


  • Aniseed- This makes for a very useful remedy because of its mucus thinning and expelling properties. The seeds are crushed and boiled into a strong concentrate. Sipping this regularly can make breathing easier as it widens the airways.


  • Turmeric – The curcumin content in this spice can negate the harmful effects that cigarette smoking has on the delicate lung tissue. It can also increase immunity and reduce inflammation so that healing is promoted.


  • Cardamom- It has a medicinal component called cinelo which according to clinical data can help reduce the amount of mucus that has collected in the lung. Powder this spice and add it everyday to tea or mix into hot water.


  • Horsetail – This herb acts as a diuretic ( water removing agent) and removes the fluid that accumulates in the lung as emphysema progresses. This makes breathing easier and less painful. The use of horsetail herbal tea is recommended.


  • Thyme – The powerful antioxidants in this herb can relax the blocked airways and hence improve oxygen uptake by the body. This also provides relief from shortness of breath that is commonly experienced. Use the essential oil or the dry and fresh herb regularly.


Use the above recommended herbs to improve lung function in emphysema and increase immunity naturally. Quit smoking and embrace healthy living.  


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Herbal Remedies For Emphysema