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Herbal Remedies For Pain Management

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Pain Do not depend on drugs alone for  management of pain that results due to injury or illness. Herbs can effectively reduce the inflammatory response that is the root cause of all kinds of pain. Such natural remedies are devoid of unpleasant side effects that medications possess. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are present in nature can many a times mimic the pain relieving action of modern day drugs. Many of us  use herbs and spices everyday in our meals without realizing the numerous benefits that we obtain from them. So before you pop the perfect pill for that headache, try using the herbal remedies that are listed below.



Natural Remedies For Pain


  • Ginger- Not only does drinking a cupful of ginger tea soothe your senses, it also contains an essential oil called gingerol that is a powerful anti inflammatory agent. This reduces pain when used regularly. Use capsules and tablets containing this extract only if the fresh or dry herb is not available.


  • Turmeric- This spice does more than just adding flavor to the food we eat. The active ingredient called curcumin in turmeric is very effective in reducing pain that is caused due to auto immune factors. Half a teaspoon of this powdered root is recommended for daily use.


  • Black Pepper- It has been used traditionally to provide relief from abdominal pain by daily oral consumption. For the treatment of joint and nerve pain, pepper is heated in coconut oil and gently massaged into affected area.


  • Peppermint- The high amount of menthol in peppermint is responsible for its ability to reduce pain, both on internal and external use. It is especially helpful for getting relief from headaches and muscular pain. Using peppermint tea is a simple way of incorporating this herb on a daily basis.


  • Devil's Claw-  Harpagide and harpagoside, 2 pain relieving ingredients in the root of this herb have clinically established their pain and inflammation relieving properties. This herb  can decrease hip and knee pain by 25 percent, making it the best available natural treatment option. 


Experience pain reduction the natural way by using these amazing herbs. Try yoga and massage therapy for relaxation and watch that pain go. 


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Herbal Remedies For Pain Management