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Herbal Remedies For Hiradentitis Suppurativa

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Spice boxA skin disorder that affects the sweat glands and results in the formation of painful and inflamed lumps in the areas of the buttocks, groin and the underarms is called hiradentitis suppurativa. Antiseptic and anti inflammatory herbs can be recommended for treatment, both internally and externally. Bacterial infection, genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalance and auto immunity are the probable causes that give rise to this condition. The exact nature of the disease is poorly understood and is perhaps the reason for effective drugs not being developed yet. Antibiotics are prescribed but recurrence rate of the disease is very high. Herbs that may help in reducing pain and inflammation are described below.



Natural Treatment Options For Hiradentitis Suppurativa


  • Turmeric- This spice is one of the most powerful natural inflammation remedies and it has a compound called curcumin that is time tested for safety. It is also anti bacterial and can be used in food daily. To apply it on the affected area, make a paste of powdered turmeric with water. Leave it to dry and rinse off.


  • Olive Leaf- The extracts from the olive leaf are mild for use even on the most sensitive of skins. It can help to heal the boils and prevent recurrence. Tablets and capsules can be used orally while the liquid extracts are to be applied directly on the skin.


  • Tea Tree- Essential oils of these leaves can treat a range of skin conditions. In many individuals, the use of this oil has helped to reduce the size of the node by drying it out. It is advised to use this remedy the minute boils are noticed to prevent them from growing and causing pain.


  • Aloe vera- A relatively safe remedy that can be tried is the application of a layer of pure aloe gel on the skin and letting it dry. It can also reduce the pathogenic bacterial growth that is at times responsible for hiradentitis suppurativa.


Go for these spicy alternatives to preventive medicines for relief from hiradentitis suppurativa. Herbal remedies are worth a try as they are skin friendly and have minimum side effects. A diet rich in natural vitamins and minerals is also a must for good immunity and healthy skin.  


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Herbal Remedies For Hiradentitis Suppurativa