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Herbal Remedies For Contact Dermatitis

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Calendula cure for contact dermatitisThe skin condition that results from an allergic reaction to a foreign body is called contact dermatitis. The symptoms of rash, blisters and itchy skin can be healed by the use of skin friendly soothing herbs. Sunlight, poisonous plants, fake jewellery (nickel), frequent handling of fish and harsh skin products commonly trigger a bout of contact dermatitis. In such individuals, allergy testing is advised so that they can identify and avoid all irritants that have the potential of causing such problems. This condition rarely gets severe and creams and lotions are often prescribed to get rid of symptoms. Some herbs that perform the same function as the drugs and have been tested for their safety are described below.



Natural Treatment Options For Contact Dermatitis


  • Chamomile – The flowers and leaves of this herb have many anti inflammatory properties that can help in reducing the severity of the allergic reaction. This is seen on regular application of creams containing chamomile extracts.


  • Tea Tree- The tea tree oil that is obtained from the leaves of this plant can soothe and heal the blisters and help them dry out quickly. Creams, lotions and soaps that contain this oil are available. The essential oil can also be diluted in olive or coconut oil and gently massaged into affected skin.


  • Calendula- The high amount of antioxidants called flavonoids found in this herb accounts for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. It helps heal wounds and reduces the chances of a bacterial infection on the broken skin. For oral use, calendula tea is available and 2 cups can be consumed everyday.


  • Licorice- This has been traditionally used to cure skin disorders like dermatitis due its inflammation reducing properties. Chewable supplements are very effective and their use is recommended.


  • Aloe vera – The gel present in the leaves has been clinically proven to help clear up the rash and and heal the skin. Aloe vera treatment will moisturize the skin and also reduce the itchiness and flakiness.


There are many herbal remedies to chose from that can help treat contact dermatitis. Although herbs are safe, they can at times interact negatively with prescription drugs. To prevent this, take a doctor's opinion before beginning treatment.


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Herbal Remedies For Contact Dermatitis