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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Strawberries

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Fresh strawberries are healthyLuscious red strawberries are much loved for their sweet and tangy taste and are an indespensibe part of many desserts. However the presence of microbes on these berries make them unfit for consumption and affect our health in a not very desirable manner occasionally. The obvious consequence is an upset stomach that is accompanied by fever sometimes. The smart thing do is to prevent such infections by making all efforts to reduce bacterial growth in strawberries right from the farm to the table. Tips on how to store strawberries are also important to know. This is the responsibility of the producer as well as the consumer. Let us explore some of the side effects of eating rotten strawberries.


Causes Of Spoilage


  • If they come into contact with dirty water or equipment, there is an increased risk of contamination.
  • Unhygienic handling of strawberries can easily spread disease resulting in the movement of germs from the hand to the fruit, causing it to spoil.


Health Problems Caused By Rotten Strawberries


  • Hepatitis A - This virus is normally found in the feces and can get transmitted to the food through unclean hands and water. The symptoms are nausea, tiredness and the passage of dark colored urine. Fever is also present in many cases. If untreated it can result in a severe liver infection.


  • E Coli Infection - The E coli bacteria is known for causing serious food poisoning wherein diarrhea and nausea are common symptoms. The stools are very watery which increases risk of dehydration.


  • Salmonellosis- This infection is caused by the salmonella bacteria and is common when food has not been handled properly to ensure it's safety. Loose stools are an important characteristic and need immediate medical attention.


Tips To Identify Rotten Strawberries


  • Buy strawberries that have a bright color.

  • The caps should be green and not dry.

  • Discard dry and brown berries.

  • Leaky and mushy ones can be a health hazard.


Food safety becomes easier with practice. The simple tips above will help to keep strawberries free from spoilage so that you get to enjoy a safe and healthy meal.


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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Strawberries