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Herbal Remedies For Epididymitis

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Horsetail a cure for epididymitisThere are many herbs that are useful for treating epididymitis, a bacterial infection that commonly affects males below 40 years of age. This condition indicates the inflammation of the epididymis that is a tube like structure present in the testicles. When this happens, there is pain, swelling and tenderness in the testicles that can range from mild to severe. Anti inflammatory drugs are routinely prescribed to relieve the infection which normally arises from the urinary tract and eventually spreads to other areas. Antiseptic herbs can work in a fashion similar to drugs and relieve infection greatly. Some of these herbs are described below.



Herbs That Heal Epididymitis


  • Cranberry- The acidic extracts in this berry can kill the bacteria that cause infection. Fresh cranberry juice is a simple remedy to prevent multiplication of the microbes. Tablet, capsules and liquid extracts of these berries are also available.


  • Horsetail- This herb has many antibacterial properties that prevent further spread of the infection. Horsetail tea can be taken once a day to avail its benefits.


  • Turmeric – The medicinal Common in Asian curries, this spice can reduce the inflammatory response of the body cells to bacterial invasion. This results in decreased swelling and pain. Turmeric medicinal uses can be incorporated by using one teaspoon of the powder everyday in curries or milk. 


  • Garlic- For a natural antibiotic effect, use a few cloves of raw garlic to flavor your meals. Crush the cloves before use, as this helps in releasing the active ingredient called allicin. If you do not like the odor, opt for tablets or capsules instead.


  • Oregano- This is a natural cure for epididymitis as it has powerful antimicrobial essential oils that can effectively kill the offending bacteria. While fresh herbs can be used, tablets, capsules and liquid extracts can also be used to avail many oregano oil benefits



Natural remedies for epididymitis should be tried along with the regular antibiotics that have been prescribed by the doctor. However get a clarification on the dose that you should follow so that there are no unsafe herb and drug interactions. 



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Herbal Remedies For Epididymitis