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Herbal Remedies For Croup

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Betel leaves

There are many antiseptic herbs that can be used for the treatment of croup which is a viral respiratory infection. It commonly affects children below the age of 6 and characteristically produces a barking cough which makes breathing difficult. This infection is also accompanied by a fever and hence immediate drug management is needed to prevent it from worsening. Herbs stimulate the blood flow, unblock sinuses and enhance immunity apart from reducing the microbial load in the upper airways. Some herbs that can be found at home and are helpful for the treatment of croup are listed below.


  • Wintergreen Oil- Steam inhalation after the addition of a few drops of this essential oil provides immense benefits. It reduces congestion so that breathing is much easier. Be careful not to add too much of oil as it can cause burning and irritation of the membranes lining the nose.


  • Thyme - Again a storehouse of antioxidants, you can use thyme in the chicken broth or any other watery soup, which will not only give the body much-needed fluids as well as loosen the mucus. 


  • Betel Leaves- It has many antiviral extracts and has been used traditionally to treat cold and related conditions. Half of a crushed leaf should be boiled in 1 cup water to obtain a strong concentrate. This can be taken in small sips over a few hours. Add a little sugar to improve its taste.


  • Holy Basil- These aromatic leaves can be brewed into a tea and had once a day. The antioxidants in them help to reduce inflammation of the airways and speed up recovery.


  • Ginger- There are many studies that have proven the benefits of ginger for health. A big pinch of dry ginger added to hot milk will reduce bouts of night cough so that a peaceful sleep is ensured. It is a myth that drinking milk will increase mucus content and worsen a cold. In fact, protein rich milk is needed to fight infection and should be continued.


The use of these handy herbs by children and adults is a safe treatment option for croup. The drugs prescribed by your doctor should not be discontinued until the course is completed. Plenty of fluids and rest is also advised.


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Herbal Remedies For Croup