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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Lemon

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LemonSlices of cool, refreshing lemon may enliven your tea but eating a rotten one may jeopardise your health seriously. Spoilage can occur if one does not know how to store lemons or is not following sufficient hygiene practices which ultimately encourage the growth of microbes. These include bacteria and fungus which are known to cause food poisoning and may result in symptoms like nausea, vomiting and loose stools. However, the good news is that food poisoning is 100% preventable and this can be achieved by following the food safety guidelines. The dangers of eating rotten lemon are described below. Take a look…


    Causes Of Spoilage


    • The use of dirty knives and chopping boards to cut lemon is the most common cause of spoilage.

    • Contamination can begin in the fields if the water used for irrigation has a high microbial count.


    Health Problems Caused By Rotten Lemons


    • E coli Infection– This bacteria thrives in unclean water and can get transferred to the lemon through the pores onits skin. It causes an infection that results in painful abdominal cramps, watery stools and body pain. Such a person should be administered clean drinking water with electrolytes immediately.


    • Salmonellosis- This is caused by the salmonella bacteria that grows well on the lemon rind and eventually get transferred to the pulp inside. The main symptom is diarrhea that can cause dehydration. To prevent it always scrub lemons under running water before use.


    Tips To Identify Rotten Lemon


    • Look for firm and shiny skins which are signs of a fresh lemon.

    • If there are any bruises, it is likely to be contaminated by germs.

    • Dark and soggy lemons indicate spoilage.

    • Hard lemons are stale and should not be used.


    Following food safety guidelines such as rinsing lemon under water and maintaining good personal hygiene will ensure that you do not serve or eat rotten lemon. Eat safe and stay healthy.


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    Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Lemon