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Herbal Remedies For Pityriasis Rosea

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Aloe vera gel

A non contagious skin rash that is caused by a viral infection is called pityriaisis rosea. Herbal remedies can soothe the skin and relieve the itching that is the cause of much discomfort. Runny nose, fever, and headache which are reported as symptoms of this condition can also be eliminated from the use of herbs. Natural treatment is always preferred over drugs which usually have potentially unsafe side effects. Pityriaisis rosea is not a severe condition and responds well to the use of creams and moisturizers for the skin. Some herbs that can be used to effectively manage it are listed below.


Herbs That Heal Pityriasis Rosea


  • Aloe Vera- The regular use of this gel will help prevent the loss of moisture from the skin leaving it smooth and soft. It also reduces itching and burning that is common of this skin rash. Aloe vera treatment is recommended daily. 


  • Coconut Oil – Cold pressed oil is the most natural form of this natural moisturizer. Applying this on the skin everyday after a bath also helps to reduce the growth of virus due to the antimicrobial fatty acids present in coconut.


  • Chamomile- Boil dry chamomile in plenty of water and use this solution as the last rinse after a bath. This helps to decrease inflammation and heal the skin. Many creams that contain this extract are also available.


  • Oatmeal – Using oatmeal as a body scrub is one of the best home remedies for skin rash as it helps to gently get rid of the dead cells and flakiness. Add some milk to bath water for better results.


  • Tea Tree Oil – This essential oil has a host of benefits for the skin due to its antiseptic qualities. Dilute this oil in water and massage gently on affected skin. Soaps and creams containing this helpful oil can be purchased from your nearest pharmacy.


Pityriaisis rosea can be treated with the many herbal remedies that are mentioned above. Always use mild natural products for a healthy skin. Report to your doctor if the symptoms persist.


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Herbal Remedies For Pityriasis Rosea