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Herbal Remedies For Macular Degeneration

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KaleA medical condition that is seen to affect adults older than 50 years, wherein the retina is damaged and eventually there is a loss of vision is called macular degeneration. Herbs contain many antioxidants that help to reduce the progression of macular degeneration when it is detected in the early stages. High glycemic food-may cause age related macular degeneration apart from genetic factors and high blood pressure. The early symptoms are difficulty in recognizing faces, reading and driving which makes everyday life difficult. There are many FDA approved drugs whose treatment must be begun immediately. Herbs that can be used to delay the onset of macular degeneration are listed below.


Herbs That Help Macular Degeneration


  • Kale- It is rich in an antioxidant called leutein that is naturally found in the retina of the eye. Higher intake of this plant chemical means a lesser chance of developing complications in macular degeneration. 2 servings a day of this leafy vegetable is recommended.  Additional supplements may also be needed.


  • Gingko Biloba-  A study showed that daily supplements of this herb can slow the vision loss that occurs in those who are already diagnosed with macular degeneration. 160 – 240 mg is the dose that is to be taken everyday till symptoms improve. 


  • Bilberry – These blue berries, rich in flavonoids not only help reduce the risk of developing this condition, but in individuals who are already diagnosed it can reduce the rate of vision loss. This may happen due to improved oxygen supply to the retina by the action of the flavonoids.


  • Amla- This is one of the richest sources of vitamin C which has been recommended as very important to prevent further damage to the eye and maintain vision. Fresh amla juice is the best source of this vital vitamin. Dry amla bits are also available.


  • Good Fats- Omega 3 fatty acids may prevent vision loss that is common when the macula degenerates. They do so by reducing inflammation and protecting the delicate tissue of the eye from free radical damage. Supplements are a good way of getting this fatty acid.


More research is needed to find suitable treatments for macular degeneration. A healthy fiber and herb rich diet are important as they can help prevent this dilapidating condition and reduce complications.  


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Herbal Remedies For Macular Degeneration