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Health Benefits Of Henna Leaves

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Henna LeavesBeing one of the most popular cosmetic item, the health benefits of henna are often overlooked. But the amazing health benefits of this age old herb have gained it a remarkable position in Ayurvedic medicine.  Its beneficial effects against  headache, gynecological disorders etc  often show minimal side effects. Take a look at this blog to know more about its incredible  benefits pertaining to health.






Health Benefits Of Henna Leaves:

  • Hair Care:

The very well-known and widely recognized health benefit of henna is its ability to condition, color and rejuvenate hair. It also has the ability to reduce hair fall and thereby prevents baldness.  Usually herbal hair oils are boiled with henna leaves to get its maximum benefit.


  • Gastro-Intestinal Health:

Henna has a great role to play with abdominal discomforts, dysentery etc. When ground, mixed with ghee and made into small balls, they turn as a medicine for diarrhea.


  • Women’s Health:

Vaginal suppositories of henna leaves are capable of curing problems like vaginal discharge, heavy menstruation, white discharge and leucorrhea in women.


  • Biliary Health:

Decoction of this wonder herbs are capable of curing liver related issues like enlargement, jaundice etc.


  • Headache:

Being capable of acting as a body coolant, henna fights against migraines and headaches.


  • Sore Throat:

The decoction of henna leaves acts as a medicine against sore throat when gargled with water.


  • Prickly Heat/Pimples/Itching:

Henna leaves are capable of fighting against the main troubles of summer like prickly heat, pimples, itching etc by its body-coolant properties.


  • Boils, burns and bruises:

Henna has a great role to play against the effects of boils, bruises and burns in any part of the body since it is has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Arthritis and leprosy:

The effect of henna leaves on leprosy and arthritis is anecdotal and requires more solid proof.


Commercial henna may contain ingredients which may lower the beneficial effects of this miraculous herb.  Hence it is always better to use the fresh leaves rather than the packed/powdered ones.


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Health Benefits Of Henna Leaves