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Difference in weekday and weekend sleep schedules can make you fat !

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560968-difference-in-weekday-and-weekend-sleep-schedules-can-make-you-fat.jpgw360h240crop1Ever wondered why despite diet and an active lifestyle you still have that padding of extra adipose around your tummy?  It’s time you looked into other potential reasons for your weight gain. Does your lifestyle involve changing your sleep and food schedules frequently – for example, working in changing shifts or traveling across time zones? If the answer is “yes”, then, according to a recent scientific study, you stand a high chance of gaining weight!


Well, this may be a pretty surprising and harsh conclusion, especially when you have been running around throughout the week or staying up late at night. But here's what the study found: A lifestyle that requires you to constantly change your sleep schedule adversely affects your biological clock ( i.e your sleep and waking schedule). As a result you are awake when you should be sleeping, and eat when your body does not want to. You then sleep when your body does not want to. This hampers your body's ability to efficiently digest and absorb your food, leading to weight gain.


Dr. Till Ronnenberg, professor at University of Munich’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Germany, coined the term “social jet lag”. Social jet lag is the non-compliance of a person’s biological clock (sleep and waking schedules based on the natural demands of your body) and his/her social clock (sleep and waking schedules based on lifestyle). According to him, social Jet lag is one of the causes for obesity. His studies are corroborated by earlier findings of Texas neurobiologist and body clock expert David J. Earnest and BMI studies.


What can you do? Work out a consistent and regular schedule. Your health depends on it!


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Difference In Weekday And Weekend Sleep Schedules Can Make You Fat !