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Herbal Remedies For Cirrhosis

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cirrhosisThe formation of scar tissue and loss of normal liver function due to alcohol abuse, viral infection or autoimmune disorders( Immune system attacks healthy body cells) can lead to a condition called cirrhosis. Herbs are useful during the initial stages of the disease and help to treat nausea, fatigue and weakness that are common symptoms seen in this condition. Only drug management as prescribed by your doctor will help maintain the health of the liver cells and prevent further damage while the herbs simply complement the treatment. Herbs that can help in the management of cirrhosis are given below.


Natural Herbs For Cirrhosis Treatment


  • Turmeric- Yet another study has proven a vital medicinal property of turmeric for liver cure by showing how it delays the progression of cirrhosis that is caused by autoimmune factors. Turmeric does so by reducing inflammation that causes liver damage.


  • Milk Thistle- Many clinical trials have concluded that the extract of this herb can slow down liver damage and reduce risk of mortality in the patients. Talk to your doctor about the right dose to take.


  • Garlic- A study was conducted on patients whose liver was damaged due to alcohol abuse and they were given 2 raw cloves of garlic orally for 45 days The result was higher protection of the liver cells from damage due to toxic by products of alcohol intake. This simple remedy is surely worth a try. 


  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids- These healthy fats can reduce the inflammatory response that is caused by viruses as they multiply. This can prevent further degradation of the health of liver cells. Fish oils and flax seeds that conain these fatty acids are the best natural supplements for liver.


  • Basil – The regular use of the fresh herb or its oil can increase the amount of important enzymes that the liver produces. This is helpful when the liver has been damaged due to overdose of prescription drugs. Use this herb 2 -3 times a week.


Abstinence from alcohol and herbal therapy will go a long way in reducing the complications that are associated with cirrhosis. Regular medication and a low fat diet are also advised.  


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Herbal Remedies For Cirrhosis