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Food for Boosting Sex Drive!

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Sex plays an important role in human life. It is also good for health. But for better sexual life don’t go for Viagra. Some simple and easily available food can naturally boost your sex drive.

They are:





 Tomatoes contain lycopene, a key ingredient that benefits your virility and prostate health. Tomatoes also have lots of vitamin C, which is great for overall health. Raw or cooked, they’re good news for your potency. Researchers at the University of Illinois and the West Side VA Medical Center found that tomato sauce, and its contained lycopene, helps prevent prostate cancer and promotes prostate health.




Persian Walnuts

Walnuts may provide a real, all-natural alternative to Viagra. The Romans and French have used them as aphrodisiacs for centuries. Like almonds, they contain arginine, but in higher quantities.




 They contain arginine, an amino acid that is a key part of the erection process. In fact, arginine has been called nature’s Viagra. Studies at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Department of Surgery in Torrance, California, found that arginine increased the frequency and duration of erections in rats.


Oyester compromise of a lot of zinc and zinc has been considered as a high octane sex drive booster for both men and women

According to the cornell Institute of Reproduction Medicine Center for male Reproduction in Newyork, zinc is a key of raw material for testosterone production and male fertility.

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Superb article Ganesh. Nice use of pictures.
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thanks master 2006,I think topic is much better than blog :-))))))
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Hey Ganesh lets include this one here also from an earlier blog: Mood Enhancers Foods like oysters really can ignite passion in the bedroom. How? They're good for your heart. And what's good for your heart is good for your libido, too. After all, if your arteries are clogged, getting blood to flow down south can be problematic, says Bonnie Dix, M.A., R.D., of the American Dietetic Association. Here are some more romance-enhancing wonders: Oysters Since the tale of Aphrodite emerging from the sea on an oyster shell, this sexy shellfish has been hailed as an aphrodisiac. Oysters and other fatty fish such as salmon, scallops and sardines are loaded with healthful monounsaturated fats called Omega 3s. And they carry a hefty dose of testosterone-boosting zinc. Champagne So you've already heard the buzz that a daily glass of wine raises good cholesterol and helps prevent arteries from clogging. But alcohol, especially champagne, can also improve your health and your sex life. Like many mind altering substances, a glass or two of champagne will lower inhibitions and help ease any couple into an amorous mood. Pine Nuts Pine nuts have more protein than any other nut. Besides providing protein to help increase stamina, pine nuts are heavy in healthful monosaturated fats, zinc and other nutrients that are linked with increased sexual desire. Sexier than your average peanut, pine nuts are often present on many fine-dining menus. Artichoke This nutrient-dense, peculiar plant was once considered such a powerful aphrodisac that women were banned from eating it. According to Martha Hopkins, co-author of 'Inter-Courses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook,' part of the appeal of the artichoke may be that you have to work hard to "get past the spiked leaves to get to the velvety-smooth heart." Spices The right spices not only heat things up on the tongue, but also in the bedroom. "Chili pepper and ginger help improve circulation," says Dix, "and hot spices like cayenne, curry and cumin help warm the body." The intoxicating aromas of exotic spices help infuse romance into the atmosphere. Avocado According to the Doctrine of Signatures, food aids the part of the body it resembles. In fact, the Aztecs valued the avocado as an aphrodisiac and named it ahuacale or testicle because they grow in pairs. Though science can neither confirm nor deny that this fruit will get your fire going, it will give you fuel in the form of healthy fats, protein and potassium. Chocolate Don't skip dessert: Eating chocolate causes the release of mood-boosting, stress-reducing serotonin. The sweet stuff also causes a release of phenylethylamine, which causes changes in blood pressure and blood-sugar levels leading to feelings of excitement. Just make sure to choose antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. The Tortilla Guy
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Yeah man ........thanks for the tips !!! The Tortilla Guy
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hey viewers,when you read this blog then also read tortilla's comment because that make this blog very informative.Thanks steve!
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Hey Ganeshdo you think there is a food that will help with techniques ?The Tortilla Guy
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sorry steve, I have not much information about that because i am a bachelor guy! But if you have any information please share.....
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Well maybe I can give you a few tips !!! The Tortilla Guy
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thanks ganesh,you share very important information.
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Food For Boosting Sex Drive!