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Herbal Remedies For Mononucleosis

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Oregano Kissing can sometimes land one into trouble! How? Well the exchange of salivary juices can also lead to the transfer of the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), which causes an infectious condition called mononucleosis. Herbs as well as antibiotic drugs can provide relief from this infection which causes tonsillitis, nausea, fatigue and stomach pain. These natural antiviral remedies are safe and help to reduce the intensity of the above mentioned symptoms. Some handy herbs that can be taken regularly for mononucleosis are described below.


Herbs To Heal Mononucleosis


  • Olive Leaf Extract- Among the many benefits of these leaves are the antibiotic and antiviral effects that can reduce the count of microbes as well as provide immunity. Liquid extracts, tablets and capsules are present in the market. If available, the juice of fresh leaves can be taken.


  • Astragalus- It is a herb that has many medicinal properties. Compounds in the astragalus root have demonstrated their ability of increasing the immune response of the body cells against viral infections. Supplements can be used after getting your doctor's approval.


  • Black Pepper : Black pepper essential oil has an active ingredient called piperol that is antiviral in nature. Sprinkling small amounts of pepper on meals is a good way of getting the benefits.


  • Garlic : The anti microbial properties of garlic have sufficient scientific backing. The active ingredient in garlic called allicin is known to kill many viruses. To avail this benefit, 2- 3 crushed garlic cloves can be taken per day.


  • Oregano : Inflamed tonsils that are common in mononucleosis can benefit from oregano medicinal uses. A drop or 2 of the pure essential oil can be diluted in water and given. Fresh and dry herbs can also be used to flavor meals.


Mononucleosis or 'kissing disease' has many herbal remedies that can provide relief from common symptoms. Contact a doctor if the condition persists.


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Herbal Remedies For Mononucleosis