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Herbal Remedies For Stomach Flu

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Herbs for a healthy stomachAre you aware of any herbal remedies for those nasty stomach bugs? Rotavirus in children and norovirus in adults, apart from certain bacteria are mainly responsible for stomach flu which leads to severe loose stools, vomiting and painful abdominal cramps. The infection can be prevented by vaccinating children. Maintaining hygiene is absolutely essential where food and water are concerned in order to prevent contracting the flu. However, herbs are also very helpful in treating symptoms like fatigue, headache and muscle pain and to kill the offending microbes due to their antiseptic properties. Let us learn how commonly available herbs can be used alongside drugs to treat a stomach flu.


Stomach Flu Foods To Eat


  • Ginger : A popular remedy is the use of Ginger for upset stomach. This is because this herb is a natural anti emetic ( anti vomiting ) agent that reduces nausea and calms the stomach. It has an active ingredient called gingerol that is responsible for this function. A teaspoon of fresh ginger juice mixed in half a cup of water can be given orally.


  • Garlic : Research studies have demonstrated the antiviral and antibiotic properties of this pungent herb. It can safely be consumed by young children too. A few cloves of raw garlic should be crushed and added to food for children. For adults, garlic supplements can also be used.


  • Turmeric : A small pinch of this healing spice goes a long way in benefitting an upset stomach. It has powerful anti inflammatory properties that heal the stomach lining and also kill the harmful microbes. Add a small pinch to every meal.


  • Bitter Orange : Also known as Citrus aurantium , this is a powerful inhibitor of rotavirus activity according to a recent study. Dilute a few teaspoons of the juice in 1 cup of water and consume small sips all through the day.


  • Honey : The use of honey during a bout of stomach flu is helpful as it prevents the microbes from attaching themselves to the intestines, where they multiply. Honey and lemon in water make for a good herbal remedy. For infants, use only pasteurized honey.


These handy herbs can provide immunity and relieve some of the symptoms of stomach flu. Prevention is always better than cure, so do not ignore regular vaccinations and always maintain proper hygiene.


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Herbal Remedies For Stomach Flu