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Herbal Remedies For Muscle Pain

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Muscle painViral infections, deficiency of nutrients or vigorous exercise can cause muscle pain. Adequate rest, a good diet and the use of herbs are recommended for quick relief from this pain. Herbs have many pain killing compounds in them that are as effective as modern day drugs. It is no surprise therefore that man has turned to roots and herbs to fight pain since time immemorial. Even though herbal remedies are safe, they should be used in doses that are prescribed by your doctor. Otherwise there is an increased risk of side effects that may prove to be dangerous. Some useful herbs for muscle pain are described below. Read on for the details.





Herbs To Reduce Muscle Pain


  • Peppermint Oil- The application of this essential oil to the affected area loosens stiff muscles and provides relief from pain. The easiest way to use it is by adding the oil to your bath water.


  • Ginger - A common advice is to eat ginger to reduce muscle pain. This is now backed by research which shows that ginger is an excellent pain reliever due to its anti inflammatory properties. Also, the pain that follows strenuous exercise is reduced on use of this alternative therapy. Both heat treated and raw ginger show this effect. The conclusion  is that this spicy herb can be used as a natural pain reliever without any side effects.


  • Turmeric- The benefits of this wonderful yellow spice never cease to amaze us. Adding on to its credentials is a study, that proved how using turmeric decreases stiffness and muscle injury in athletes which is common after training. This was seen on oral intake of capsules that contained turmeric extract.


  • Clove Oil- It is a valuable ingredient in massage oils that help provide relief from pain and stiffness of the muscle. Dilute a few drops of this oil in a carrier oil and apply on affected area just before going to bed.


  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids- This essential fat can be found in oily fish and flax seeds and is a potent anti inflammatory substance. A recent study supports this claim by concluding that post exercise, lower limb pain is reduced on consuming this healthy fat. They are the  best natural remedies for pain


Use these herbs to lessen muscle pain so that you remain fit and healthy. Remember nothing heals like nature!


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Herbal Remedies For Muscle Pain