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Herbal Remedies For Jock Itch

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Aloe veraA major cause of embarrassment and discomfort, jock itch is a common fungal infection. This condition is easy to treat with herbs that are nature's anti fungal agents. Prompt treatment is required to prevent the spread of this highly contagious infection which is more common in men than in women. Poor levels of personal hygiene, excess moisture and skin friction are contributing factors that cause rashes and redness in inner thighs and genitals. Mild herbs that can be used to provide much needed relief for jock itch are listed below.


Home Remedies For Jock Itch

  • Tea Tree Oil : The use of tea tree oil is an easy home remedy. It involves dilution of the oil in water and application on the affected area. This helps to kill the yeast and prevent spread of infection. Soaps and lotions that contain this medicinal oil can also be used simultaneously.


  • Garlic : Garlic has been valued for its antimicrobial properties ever since man learnt to use this herb. Allicin which is the active ingredient in garlic is responsible to reduce the count of the yeast cells. Choose from fresh and dry garlic or alternatively use tablets and capsules that contain allicin.


  • Aloe Vera Gel : It is suitable for topical application as it helps to soothe and heal the rash. Use only pure aloe gel which you can find at your nearest store.


  • Coconut Oil :  It is a soothing moisturizer that can be applied daily after a bath. This oil is rich in medium chain triglycerides that have proven anti fungal properties. It is suitable for use on highly sensitive areas and does not cause burning of skin.


  • Olive Leaf : The natural extracts in olive leaf are potent to the yeast that grow on skin. Herbal teas, capsules, tablets and liquid extracts can be to treat this infectious condition.


Get rid of that urge to itch by using these natural herbal remedies. If you notice the symptoms worsening, it is time to call your doctor.


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Herbal Remedies For Jock Itch