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Food Chart for Adults

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Healthy adultA well planned food chart for adults serves as a set of healthy eating guidelines to help make smart food choices. As adults, most of us have forgotten the main function of food, which is nourishment. It seems that as we get older, we become more susceptible to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The good news is that a proper, balanced, nutritional diet can prevent health problems like these. The ADA diet menu stresses the need to cut out sugar, salt and fats and make more room for whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The food chart given below discusses the diet tips given by the "American Dietetics Association".



Balanced Diet Chart For Adults

Foods Allowed


Allowed In Moderation

Foods Not Allowed




All whole cereal grains (Bulgar, barley, brown rice, oats etc )

Baked products like brown bread and biscuits( Contain excess of sodium)

Refined flour products




All fresh fruits

100% fruit juice, dry fruits

Sweetened fruit juice, jam and jelly




All vegetables( especially raw and steamed )

Sweetened vegetable juices

Deep fried vegetables




MUFA rich oils- Ex Olive

Butter and ghee

Margarine, lard

PUFA rich oils – Ex Corn






Low fat milk, cheese, curd

Low fat cream and salad dressing

Whole dairy products




Eggs, chicken, fish, shellfish, turkey.

Lean beef and mutton (Remove visible fat)

Bacon and sausages

Beans and lentils






Low fat popcorn, boiled corn, baked sweet potato, whole grain muffins and biscuits.

Refined biscuits and muffins

Doughnuts, pizzas, potato fries and burgers.


Now it is so much easier to plan meals that are rich in vitamins, minerals, lean proteins and good carbohydrates. Practice portion control to manage blood sugars and prevent unwanted weight gain. The right time to make wise food choices is now. Take this important step to always stay fit !


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Food Chart For Adults