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Herbal Remedies For Bruises

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Girl with bruiseVery common in children, a bruise is often the result of fall and play, caused by the breakage of blood vessels under the skin. Herbal remedies are usually recommended for minor bruises as they heal and soothe the wound well. Unexplained or severe bruises in both adults and children should be managed by a doctor instead of resorting to self medication as they can be dangerous or may indicate an underlying disease. A minor bruise will heal in a matter of days with quick reduction in the intensity of pain. Herbs that help this process and act as natural antiseptics are discussed here.


Home Remedies For Bruises

  • Chamomile : A cold compress made with tea bags is the first step of home care that can be easily followed. Herbal tea like chamomile is soothing and constricts the blood vessels to reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Turmeric : After cleaning the wound, apply a paste of fresh turmeric. It is as good as any other antibiotic cream available in the market. The first few seconds will sting but this will subside in no time.

  • Arnica : It is another recommended herb that can be found in the market in the form of creams and liquids. Apply it on the skin after cleaning the affected area thoroughly.

  • Aloe vera : Bruises are often very itchy and it is natural for children to worsen their wound by constantly rubbing their fingers on them. Aloe vera treatment comes very handy here as it soothes and moisturizes the skin so that itchiness is reduced.

  • Rosemary Oil : The application of rosemary oil can increase the circulation of blood to the skin enabling the clot to heal faster. This prevents aggravation of the infection and also reduces pain. Dilute one part oil in four parts water and apply with a clean cotton ball.


Say goodbye to those nasty bruises with a little help from the above listed medicinal herbs. Consult a doctor if the pain increases.


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Herbal Remedies For Bruises