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Herbal Remedies For Cellulitis

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Infection of the skin tissue is called cellulitis. Herbs can be helpful in clearing this bacterial infection. The presence of cracks, wounds and bites normally precedes such an infection and gives a free passage for the movement of microbes through the skin. This leads to pain, swelling and redness at the site where bacteria attack and colonize. Antibiotic treatment should be initiated as soon as possible. Herbs are endowed with antiseptic properties and can also be used for cellulitis. They are- 






Herbs That Heal 

  • Garlic : The antibacterial properties of garlic have been known to man since centuries. Allicin, which is responsible for giving garlic a pungent smell can kill bacteria in a similar way that drugs do. Internal as well as topical use is advised.


  • Tea tree oil : It  has powerful antiseptic agents that are capable of getting rid of disease causing bacteria. Reduction of inflammation is the other advantage of its use. Dilute the oil and apply on skin regularly to notice an accelerated healing of cuts and wounds.


  • Fenugreek : It is a commonly used Indian spice which is rich in an antioxidant called flavonoid. A thick paste made with powdered fenugreek and water must be applied on the skin. This provides relief from inflammation and pain.


  • Turmeric: It is another spice that is helpful when taken both internally and externally. Adding a bit of turmeric to cooking regularly is a good way to consume this spice. It is a natural antibiotic that is effective in killing the staphylococcus bacteria responsible for this inflammation. For topical application, it is good to know how to turn turmeric into paste, which is then left to dry.


  • Eucalyptus oil : It helps to heal and disinfect wounds and bites so that the infection is prevented from getting severe. To prevent burning, it is best to dilute the essential oil in water and apply with a cotton ball after cleaning the affected area.


The regular use of these herbs means that cellulitis will not bother you again. Remember to meet your doctor at the earliest in order to prevent a fatal progression of the infection.  


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Herbal Remedies For Cellulitis