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Food Chart for Teenagers

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Teens eating healthyGood nutrition is very important during the teens that is marked by rapid growth and development.  A well planned food chart for teenagers is a must during this vital period. Peer pressure can lead to making bad eating choices that can have consequences even in the future. Knowledge about nutrition must be provided to the teenagers so that the importance of better food habits is understood.


This is important because obesity is not only a challenge for adults, it is also rapidly becoming a cause of heart disease and hypertension in teens too. A food chart which is an effective tool to bring about healthy changes in the body is discussed below.







Tips To Plan A Balanced Diet For Teenagers

Foods Allowed

Allowed In Moderation

Foods Not Allowed




All whole cereals like brown rice, whole wheat and millets,

Refined flour products like biscuits and breads.





All fresh fruits are allowed

100 % fruit juices

Processed and sugary fruit based beverages.




All are allowed steamed, baked, grilled or raw.

Shallow fried vegetable patties.

Potato french fries

Soups and salads






PUFA rich oils like sunflower, safflower and rice bran.

Ghee and butter

Hydrogenated vegetable oils (Dalda or margarine) as they are rich in trans fats which are very harmful for the heart.

MUFA rich oils like olive and groundnut

Full fat cheese


Skim cheese and spreads

Heavy cream





Lean meat like chicken, turkey and fish

Red meat like beef and mutton

Sausages and salami which are highly processed and contain dangerous preservatives.

Eggs boiled or scrambled.






All sweets like steam puddings, fruit rolls and bakes are allowed.

Doughnuts, cream cookies, refined flour cakes and puddings.

All sweets made in trans fat rich oils.


It is now evident that teenagers should be taught to make wise choices as far as their diet is concerned. So a very restricted food chart is not recommended for them. As long as they eat wholesome and non processed food and exercise in plenty, a little indulgence is acceptable. But not too much of junk food please! 


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Food Chart For Teenagers