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Herbal Remedies For Folliculitis

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Dry ThymeThere are many remedies that use herbs for the treatment of folliculitis which is the inflammation of hair follicles on the skin. Rashes, redness and formation of a boil around the hair follicle are common signs. A bacterial infection by pseudomonas or staphyloccci  is the main cause although yeast can also contribute in certain cases. Herbs are recommended because they have many natural antiseptic agents in them which can kill the microbes responsible for folliculitis. Let us look at some of these herbs briefly.




Herbal Remedies 

  • The pungent oils in garlic are anti bacterial and a good remedy for this condition. A paste made out of fresh garlic is to be regularly applied. It can burn the skin, so dilution with coconut oil is advised.

  • Turmeric reduces inflammation on the skin and heals the boils and blisters within no time. A paste made with plain water is a good solution. It should be left to dry and then gently rinsed off.

  • Aloe vera gel has properties that kill harmful bacteria making it a much encouraged treatment. The sticky extract from the leaf can be scraped out and a thin coating massaged onto the boil. This also soothes the redness of the skin.

  • Clove which is a common spice used in Asian cooking has an antibacterial oil called eugenol which can kill bacteria that cause infection. A few drops of pure clove oil should be used everyday on skin after a bath. A tingling sensation will be felt that will later subside.

  • Many creams, soaps and lotions that contain tea tree oil extract are available in the market. This essential oil is used to treat a number of skin disorders as it acts against both bacteria and fungus. It disinfects the skin and prevents frequent recurrence.

  • Thyme is a herb used very frequently in food and its benefits for skin are highlighted in many studies. Eating it improves immunity and topical application helps clear bacterial infection.


Herbs make a wonderful treatment option for folliculitis but they must be taken regularly to see the benefits. Talk to your doctor about the right dosage to be followed and add them to your daily regimen.


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Herbal Remedies For Folliculitis