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Herbal Remedies For Pancreatitis

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CinnamonHealth experts all over the word are exploring herbal remedies for pancreatitis which refers to the inflammation of the pancreas. It is a very important gland producing several hormones and digestive enzymes for proper functioning of the body. Various microbial infections as well as alcohol abuse may lead to this condition. The presence of gallstones is also thought to be one of the causative factors. Herbs that provide relief from symptoms like nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain for patients of pancreatitis are given below. 


Natural Remedies For Pancreatitis

  • Curcumin the yellow pigment in turmeric may slow the progression of the disease to an advanced stage. This effect was seen when patients consumed 8 g of turmeric a day. To improve the absorption of turmeric, black pepper must be used along with it.

  • Regular supplementation with antioxidants like vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin E were beneficial to reduce pain that is common in pancreatitis. The study was conducted by the All India Institute Of Medical Sciences and highlights that herbs and greens are the most important pancreatitis foods to eat.

  • Adding ginger to the diet is a natural way to reduce nausea and pain as it has many anti inflammatory properties. The use of fresh grated ginger in food is encouraged. Making hot broths and tea with this root can also provide relief.

  • The fragrant spice cinnamon helps to maintain normal levels of blood sugar which is essential in a case of pancreatitis. A pinch of powdered cinnamon can be added to meals and beverages.

  • A lab study showed that the use of American ginseng can slow the rate at which pancreatic cells die and stimulate the production of hormones like insulin. Regular supplements can be used.


Studies have shown that herbs are capable of providing relief from pancreatitis. However, do not begin any herbal treatment without getting an approval from your doctor. Drug interactions that can be potentially dangerous and the herbal remedy may result in more harm than good if you indulge in self medication.  


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Herbal Remedies For Pancreatitis