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Herbal Remedies For Lung Cancer

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The incidence of lung cancer is on the rise worldwide due to increased pollution and cigarette smoking. Herbal remedies for lung cancer play a supportive role in radiotherapy and drug management, which form the first line of treatment. Herbs can help improve appetite so that there is no weight loss and weakness. The antioxidants in them also improve immunity and well being, making these remedies a popular option for treatment of lung cancer. Scroll down to know more.



    Natural Remedies For Lung Cancer

    • A recent study concluded that the curcumin present in turmeric, when consumed regularly can prevent the growth of cancer cells in the lung thus halting their spread. Both fresh and dry turmeric showed this result and can be used in generous amounts as a spice.

    • Vegetables like broccoli contain beneficial plant compounds that can halt and weaken the progression of this dangerous cancer. Steaming is the best method of cooking brocolli so that all nutrients are retained.

    • Thyme has essential oils that are good anti inflammatory agents. They reduce the recurrence of frequent illness and infection that are common in cancer patients. Using the fresh or dry herb is also helpful.

    • Nausea is a common side effect that is seen due to chemotherapy. Fresh ginger helps reduce nausea, making it easier to manage treatment. It also contains an extract called gingerol that causes the death of cancer cells in the lung.

    • Research has shown that ginseng has anti cancer properties as it prevents the multiplication of the cancer cells and arrests the growth of the tumor. Use fresh ginseng for maximum benefits.

    • Grapefruit juice interacts with anti cancer drugs positively by boosting their effects. It is also rich in antioxidants like quercetin and naringin, known for their anti tumor properties.


    The use of these herbs makes it easier to win the battle against lung cancer. Sufficient exercise and complete cessation of smoking is also advised.


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    Herbal Remedies For Lung Cancer