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Herbal Remedies For Knee Pain

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Knee painThe area most prone to wear and tear is the knee which has the vital function of supporting the entire body weight. Herbal remedies are very helpful when there is pain due to age related diseases such as osteoarthritis or sudden injury and sprain. Stiffness of the knee joints which hinders normal movement and activity is common. As knee pain in seen in people of all ages and genders, natural care and management is the need of the hour. Some herbs that are beneficial are listed below.


Herbs To Help Knee Pain


1. A hot massage with clove essential oil can improve circulation and reduce pain. It is especially useful for sports injuries. 2 small cloves a day eaten raw is a natural remedy for knee pain as it has powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammation.

2. A hot compress made with mustard seed paste can provide much needed warmth to soothe sore knees and decrease pain. This should be made fresh so that the volatile essential oils work best.

3. The essential oils extracted from leaves of the wintergreen, an evergreen plant, has pain relieving chemicals that lessen inflammation. It can be massaged directly on the knee and left overnight.

4. Turmeric has many healing properties and one among them is it's ability to reduce pain in the knee. This was shown in a study conducted by American Botanical Council wherein patients suffering from osteoarthritis were given dry turmeric extract. The result was less pain and stiffness on climbing stairs and walking.

5. Powdered black pepper heated in coconut oil till smoky is a a good remedy for topical application. This is due to the essential oils such as piperine present in it.

6. Garlic and gingko biloba improve the supply of oxygen to the cells that are inflamed and reduce pain. Capsules and tablets that contain the dried extracts are available.


Herbal remedies for knee pain are not only safe and effective, they also displace the need to buy expensive over the counter creams and oils. Talk to your doctor about the need for physiotherapy and suitable exercises in addition to herbs.  


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Herbal Remedies For Knee Pain